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    dave59 New Member

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to ask a few questions from u. I am hoping to learn from ur expierience by asking. I don't know anyone up there to ask and am at a different point in my life now than when I spent time in Me before. The 1st thing is there anyone who has transitioned to Me from another state for mmj?were u being treated by conventional meds and found that mj was a better solution?? What have been some of the probs or difficulties u maybe didn't anticipate once u got to Me?? If ur just a patient and not a grower r u happy with the process and availability of getting mj ?? If u grow just 4 yourself and family how long did it take to become fairly confident in ur ability to provide enough mj?? R non users tolerant of ur beliefs and the culture of mmj?? And the last question which might b a bit "touchy" to some but kinda confusing to me having never been in a 420 state. Do u think ur current way of doing things is gonna change when state goes rec?? better- worse?? I realize probably too many questions 4 1 thread but really trying to find folks that have lived this with a lot of uncertainty going into it and coming out with knowing it was the best decision they could have made. Thank u in advance of sharing. I really appreciate it!!

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    Hey buddy! I live in central maine (bangor area). What area you looking at in Maine? Familiar territory or farther north?

    dave59 New Member

    Hey upinthesticks. Well...the only place I've been in Maine is the far southern part - York county. Sanford , Shapleigh area kinda over to the coast. wife has been looking at properties further to the north and it looks like it's less expensive but I'm guessing it's bit more remote. I suppose if the right situation come along I wouldn't b opposed to being a bit off the grid further north or really whatever. Right now just not sure if we're gonna b able to make this happen. Really took a beating on our house after 2008 and have not recovered. Not much equity in the place so just kinda "kicking tires" at this point!!

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    I was like "...nobody's going to pick up this joke?!"

    One of the best movies ever.

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    Glad sumbuddy got it .................
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    Colorado gets cold too

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