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    I need help from of the more experience guys on here imnew to indoor and have a 6x6x4closet and want to run a 400w mh my only concern is heat . How should I ventilate I'm seriously clueless on what to do. at the moment I just have a t5 setup and waiting for seeds to germinate

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    why don't you use a LED light instead of MH, it has less heat than MH, and you don't need a fan to ventilate

    jswett1100 Well-Known Member

    Imo if your just harvesting for personal reasons i would highly suggest just a 600w epistar led. Can get it pretty cheap and can do like 3 plants under it efficiently. as for your venting question just put an inline fan in your room ether 4,6, or 8 inch and take out air from the room but you have to make sure your bring as much air in as your taking out. or you will get brown spots and the bottom of your plant even without deficiencies and you will hate yourself for it. good luck buddy.

    GrowGorilla Well-Known Member

    You are seriously recommending an Epistar LED? He didn't say he wants to grow shitty plants!
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    Yeah, use a cheap ass led like this guy.
    And yeah, you would still need a fan to ventilate with an led.
    If you're rocking the mh and hps, you should invest in a cool tube for your light.
    Place ducting on one end to the exhaust fan, and the other end of the tube should be ducted to a carbon filter, but doesn't need to be.
    The air is pulled through the tube, passes over your light, and out of the exhaust, cooling the light and removing it's heat in the process. This keeps your grow area way cooler than using a hood, unless glassed and exhausted as well.

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    No matter what light you use to grow in that space you'll need ventilation to make it work. Plants eat CO2 and once they get a foot tall in there they will need regular air exchanges or CO2 to thrive.

    A 4" system will take care of the heat given off by a 400w. I have 4 of them so been there, done that many times.

    Problem is routing the exhaust. If it's your house then cut holes anywhere you want but if renting you got to be sneakier and not damage anything you can't repair to as/was standards before moving out.

    ilovetoskiatalta Well-Known Member

    As far as venting go to home depot and get a cheap door that you can cut and run ducts for intake and exhaust. The intake is equally important as the exhaust. The carbon filter is optional if you don't have to worry about smell. I downsized from a basement with 3 1000w hps(flower are), a 400 mh and several t5(clone and grow area) to a 4'x2' tent and I bought 315cmh for heat management. I think it produces very well.
    here is the Mainlining thread with what you can fit in a 4'x2'

    good luck @tnm19.12
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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    You're going to need to exhaust the hot air out and hopefully have a passive air intake into the room at the very least. If you plan on using an HID light then you'll need to procure flexible ducting and attach that to the light hood - you'll be pulling the hot air out. Obviously you'll also need an inline duct fan to pull that air. You'd typically put a carbon filter at the other end of the duct (opposite of hood), to eliminate the odor.

    That is the general idea.

    Others have mentioned LED's which will obviously produce LESS heat, but they'll still put out head. Needless to say, you'll need to figure out a way to exhaust air OUT of the closet/room and also get fresh air IN (passively or actively).

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