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    Latitude36 New Member

    Need some help with droopy leaves, a week into flowering and everything was going well until today. checked on my plants and leaves have started drooping and some turning brown. There is so much conflicting info on watering etc.. Anyone have this happen to them with a possible solution? Much thanks.

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    Gorillaglue4u Well-Known Member

    Looks like you need to water it
    Dublin City Diesel

    Dublin City Diesel Member

    Hey Latitude36,

    It looks like a lack of water or an over-watering. If your pots are heavy, chances are, you gave them too much water and the roots are starting to rot.

    If your pots are light, the plants simply need more water.

    Weigh your containers and act accordingly. Either water thoroughly until the pots are heavy or, let the soil dry.

    Apart from that, the plant looks pretty good ;-)

    Dynamo626 Well-Known Member

    what kind of soil/media? nutrients? drooping leaves can be the first sign of many different problems.
    If your certain you haven't overwatered you should allways check ph and tds as a first step

    Nugs1 Well-Known Member

    I'm going to say under watering. Normally over watering only droops the leaves not the stems etc. as Dublin City Diesel said pick up the pot and see how the weight feels.
    If your watering seems to be fine then you may have some root problems, let us know about the weight etc.

    Latitude36 New Member

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I did a couple of things, lowered the temp and even though the soil was still a bit moist I watered and they popped right back up. I've been real careful about trying not to over water, looks like I went too long. Thanks again.

    Tiffj Well-Known Member

    Usually linked to watering in some way, also definatley check your ph! Water and soil!! Does look like underwatering at a guess.

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