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Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by mikeandnaomi, Jun 29, 2008.


    mikeandnaomi Well-Known Member

    Cannibis is a life saver -my conditon has me wnating to have fewer grows with higher yields. my medical conditon would greatly be aided by few grows - but higher yields on few grows. I have been using 3 gal pots and yiedling aprox 1 oz perplant. I am looking for a seed that has the gentics to produce mega yieds if grown in proper conditons. 5 gal is best size pot for soil - isn't it?

    Seed strain recommendation please....:peace:

    potlike Well-Known Member

    I just heard of this myself.... Twinturbochronic turned me on to this so I ordered it like two days ago.

    the church

    apparently it can do almost double of white widow at 800-1000 grams per square meter. I can't wait to try it out myself.


    hothousemary Well-Known Member


    DWR Well-Known Member

    .... why would they let you order and tell me that there seeds have a germination fault !!!!!!!! Just check'd there site and still havnt updated the church :(

    And i still havnt got my seeds, been waiting 3 weeks now since payment arrived. :spew:

    GHSC Lab Reports Problems with Church Germination Date added: 06/06/2008 We have had some complaints about our church seeds not germinating, as they should. We decided to re-test all batches of church that we have produced in the past couple of months, including the packets customers sent back to us. It was interesting to find that some seeds customers could not germinate, did germinate in our lab, but others did not, so we understand their frustrations. The test results just came in and unfortunately from 3 very large batches of church there was 1 batch that had poor germination ratio of around 50% to 70% germination. This is unacceptable for us and for our customers, so we are taking immediate action. This does not mean that the church seeds you bought will not germinate, but there is a chance (1/3) if you recently purchased your seeds, that they came from the batch we had problems with. We do test all seed batches before we place them in packets and ship them out. However if we package 50,000 seeds, we cannot test them all, we test a percentage of the batch and at that time everything was ok. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and we encourage customers that have had problems with their church seeds to contact the vendor they bought them from to work out a replacement procedure. If you have a shop, please contact us to work something out. If you want your church seeds replaced with another strain, this can be done directly, through the right channels, but if you wish to replace the church seeds with the same seeds, you will need to wait until we have completed all of our tests and the germination ratio is around 100% again. We will keep everyone posted, including all of our official dealers. Any questions? Feel free to post them on this page or email us through our website. Don't let this discourage you from growing the church because it is a excellent strain and a great smoke!!!

    Anyway.... So did u really order from them, cuz i want my Church :evil::evil::evil:

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    We have a Med Grower here you will want to check out. Just be careful, sometimes we let Brian drive the bus.:mrgreen: VV:blsmoke:

    Revolution101 Well-Known Member

    Well sunce you're using pots I'm assuming soil is your grow of choice. This is how I would set it up if I were you. First, strain isn't your biggest issue, you can get a high yield out of a lot of strains... sure Big Bud and a few others like the church they mentioned will produce mammoth plants but if you have something that is really potent you might get a half ounce ot an ounce less on your plant but the one bowl you have to smoke versus 3 or 4 of something else makes up for it. Pick something with the right effects for your condition and preferances and then check out some journals from the same strain to see the optimum conditions to grow it in. Now for a set up... container wise go to google and look up Smart Pots. They aeriate your roots, prevent root bound plants, and essentially produce way higher yileds than a normal plastic container. For soil Fox Farms are always nice, I use a cut of Ocean forest and Light warrior at about 50/50 to 66/33 where the first number is the ocean forest and the other is the light warrior. Ocean forest alone is too muddy of a soil for marijuana and it's really hot (full) with nutes. The light warrior cut with it aeriates the soil, provides for good drainage, and lightens up the soil a bit so it's more mild and condusive to marijuana. Next you will want a mother to clone off of, that way you can have plants in all stages. Throw 2 or 3 pots in your room to flower then a week or two later throw in a few more... keep doing this through the harvest of the first few and you will be pulling pots out of your flower room to crop and replacing them with babies every couple of weeks. MAking nivce yields and consistany yields. It will take time to perfect and will require a space for veg and mothers (possibly a closet) and then a seperate room to flower in but the cycle is what you want so you are never with out weed. (You might also look for a strain that finishes in 8 - 9 weeks, keeps teh amount of plants needed for a good cycle lower than the 12 month maturers.) Nutrients are the next big thing to consider. FoxFrams also makes a nutrient line designed for soil plants and for use with their soils... This is your best bet for a simple soil grow and they provide a feeding schedule for you. I think the advanced nutrient line also works for soil and I know people who have pulled ridiculous results with it but FoxFarm is where my experience stand with soil. Need any more help or have any questions just ask, I'll keep this thread tagged so I can come back.

    hothousemary Well-Known Member

    I ordered em from dr.chronic! hopfully I can get at least one out of the 5 to germ...

    mikeandnaomi Well-Known Member

    I have never had a germionation problem (keeping in mind the 50% standard) - and typically germinate closer to 60% to 70% of whatever seed I am dealing with. Maybe germination got screwed becasue of similiar with film going bad at the airport.

    mikeandnaomi Well-Known Member

    Great insight Revolution101 - I am a veteran (old school) and am pretty seasoned so I need yield - small amounts of of most strains have very little medicinal benefit to me. The 2 or 3 pot practice - do you do this in a differant grow chamber - area etc? I have thrown a clone under a HPS and it is growing, but I'm sure if I would have went 8 weeks under 18/6 with the same clone I'd YIELD way more. The soild aspect makes lots of sense. You knowledge, insight and resposne is greatly appreciated.

    One question -

    If your results are looking AIRY - could one adjust SOMETHING to make a bit more dense or is it a genetic thing?

    potlike Well-Known Member

    Yield and airy buds are somewhat strain dependent but there are other factors involved. What kind of lighting are you using? How far away is the lighting? What kind of temperatures are in your grow room?

    Exact distance is subject to personal preference and how your plants react to distance of the light(ie don't burn). Assuming proper temperatures and ventilation of heat if you could get your HPS light about 12 inches away from your plants you should notice more dense buds.

    Also, how old are the bulbs for your lighting? Those should be changed every 3-4 grows(~ roughly every year).


    Revolution101 Well-Known Member

    The basic idea for mine requires two chambers. one under 18/6, or 24/7 if you're lazy like me and don't care to black out the veg closet totally. The best thing I would advise to use in it would be full spectrum T5's, I think sunblaster is a brand name. They are cool, so no need to vent, fit neatly in a closet, you can get them in all lengths and widths, and these would be plenty to put over a mother or two, your clone tray, and a few little pots with the latest clones from the tray getting nice and rooted. Then when you;re ready you move them to the flower room. The flower room will have some fresh plants in it, and some almost ready to harvest, but they are all under 12/12 to flower so it doesn't matter, just keep track of where each one is at in their life cycle so you aren't feeding late stage flower nutes to palnts only half way through.
    Airyness can be caused by lots of things really. Besides and in addition to what was stated above your nutrients may not be adequate, your soil may not be adequate, or really any number of things. A nice dense crystally bud is a product of a well planned out grow with everything taken into consideration. Also, the cooler your room the closer you can get your light. HPS are great, but if you have money and an hps ballast they make a dual spectrum bulb that is supposed to be ridiculous (my next investment). Also, if ventelation is a problem CO2 adjustment in your room will help. CO2 is always a great addition to a grow room, but especially if you can't get the temps below mid to high 80's. Thats right about where you want it (if I remember right, a quick search will let you know for sure) when using CO2. The combination though, of everything, is what is going to get you the great smoke.
    Hopefully that helps a bit more too.

    grapeskunk Active Member

    big bud,super bud, power plant, train wreck, brain wreck, hindu kush, most skunk strains and af-goo are all high yeild plants. how long do you let them veg?

    mikeandnaomi Well-Known Member

    Temp 78 F to 85 F
    Lights 400W MH 18/12 8 weeks
    400W HPS 12/12 in 10th week (see latest pictures)
    Plants are close 12 or closer inches that is for sure - closer the better - isn't it?

    2 Grow with these lights.

    mikeandnaomi Well-Known Member

    I also have a fan -

    proheto8008 Well-Known Member

    chronic from serious seeds. It has a 90% germ rate. My first grow i bought 90 kali mist and 85 made it to seedling. No extras tho

    potlike Well-Known Member

    closer the better? not necessarily ...

    refer to Yield-O-Rama for optimal suite spot positioning of your lighting.


    hugetom80s Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you can put lights close enough that you get no yield at all, if they cook your plants. Generally, you want to get them as close as you can without causing heat stress.

    Assuming you've got enough light (yours is good - bigger is usually better but you've got enough) the best way to get bigger yields is to make sure you're feeding them as much as they can handle and using the right kind of nutrients. If what you've got is properly proportioned, like Advanced Nutrients or something, and you're feeding them heavy as you can, you'll see the best the plant has to offer.

    A lot of things go into optimizing a yield, but nutrients and light are the big factors.

    Woomeister Well-Known Member

    Thc Bomb, biggest yielder I have ever grown in 17 years of growing. Currently yielding 2oz per plant 12/12 from seed!!!!:joint:

    mikeeees Well-Known Member

    where do you buy thc bomb? breeder?

    im looking for a big yielder, for outdoor growing. Low odour preferably?

    potlike Well-Known Member

    The Church will out yield THC bomb according to people that's grown both.... Also the church is highly resistant to mold...*very good trait to have


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