Hermie trait perhaps???

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    Hi guys n gals ,Thanx for stopping by.

    When the top of the plant stops growing and the side branches take over is that a hermie trait??? I had a blue mystic do this in the past and it hermied so I'm thinking this is gona do the same.

    I noticed last week that the side branches were a few inches above the main stem so if any of you guys or gals have experienced this then plz let me know. Tia

    29menace Well-Known Member

    It's a feminised seed so its looking more like it could be a hermie.

    This may sound like a dumb question but can a true female from regular seeds hermie like feminised seeds do???

    29menace Well-Known Member

    Questions used to get answered almost straight away in here , WTF has happened to rollitup over the years???

    Pretty much pointless asking questions nowadays coz nobody bothers to help and it's lame as fuck.
    This "used" to be the BEST place on the internet but now I'd say it's not even anywhere near one of the the top 10 growing sites.

    Shame on you rollitup ,you are a total let down...

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    Waste of time , no wonder ppl are going elsewhere. 8-9 yrs I've been using this website and never in all those years has it been this bad...

    Simple question I asked and nobody cared to read or reply.

    Anyone that does , I thank you but to all that could and didn't #fuckthelotayou

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    Seems to be quieter since the downtime last month, think alot of folk dident know if RIU would ever be back.
    As to your question tho, no that is not a herm trait, just normal. Herm is a genetic thing that can be (still not sure imo if true) exhibited when plants have been exposed to environmental stress.
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