High CBD content for 5 month old with seizures here in HI??

Discussion in 'Hawaii Patients' started by JLiRD808, Sep 6, 2013.


    JLiRD808 New Member

    First post here. From Kaimuki n Makiki but grew hydro in the bay area for a few years indoor. We pushed 4,400 watts at one point >:)

    Years later...no more growing, not even up Tantalus, now my 5 month old niece is having crazy seizures, like 4-5+ a day. There's been a lot of talk recently about high CBD marijuana being the ONLY solution, esp if its Dravet Syndrome :shock:

    Does anyone know how fo get...or have info on wtf we can do?? So far, u HAVE to be a Colorado resident to get this kine treatment.

    Anyhow...thanks all.


    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    I hear yah man about your Niece. But, limited selections around when it comes to High CBD. You can always try mail order .

    fritzkathi New Member

    Please visit our website, www.hawaiianhempcompany.com currently offering CBD tinctures with the strengths 100 mg cbd per ounce and 250mg per ounce. Flavors peppermint, Vanila and regular. I will give 35% discount to you for your child. at that price I am selling at my cost, plus shipping and GET tax. Currently we are developing CBD strains grown in Hawaii which will be available once Hawaii state appropriates a mandate for CBD products grown in HAWAII. good luck to you.

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