HLG 600r *pulled the trigger


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HLG's 320R is perfect for flowering in a 2 x 4 tent. Bit of a running joke here on RIU - but I honestly pull "about a pound ... " with each harvest from that light in that space.

So ... I presume that you will use your 600R in a 4 x 4?
I'm in a 5x5. I did have a 4x4 but im lending it out lol what's the feeding like. Do you notice the girls wanting more or less nutes under the hlg


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... Do you notice the girls wanting more or less nutes under the hlg ...
I had seen that recommendation about increasing the feed with the higher efficacy lights. So I decided to test that theory out.

8 ml/wk. of the full Remo line-up (8 ml/wk. is 80% of their recommended dosage) worked well from clone to chop when growing under the blurples. 8 ml/wk. also worked well during the VEG and flower stretch phases under the RSpec. When I did bump that up to 10 ml/wk. at the start of Week 4 the leaf tips did start to go a little brown not too long after that. They were finished under 8 ml/wk.

I found that there was no difference between the amount of nutes needed when growing under the blurples versus growing under the RSpec.

What I did find was the RSpec produced a denser flower and brought out more of the characteristics of the strains. The Blue Cheese had a nicer "basket of blueberries" scent and the Red Diesel hair were more orange-red. I didn't get that with blurples.


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I LOVE my 600 R-Spec! Things a friggin beast! You do your part,it'll do its part and together,yall gunna grow some good weed!


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I just recently bought one and am flowering some plants for the first time with it in a 5x5. A lux meter comes in handy for adjusting the height and where to set the dimmer.