Hotbox and spidermites

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by ganjaman1476, Dec 9, 2016.


    ganjaman1476 Well-Known Member

    hi all just a mite problem question.. so I'm in veg with dyna fem og kush and I'm not a total novice with quite a few grows under my belt. Sad to say first time ever I have spidermites :( I've got a hotbox and sulphur powder and would like to stay in veg till this problem has cleared up with use of the hotbox. But it says to use lights off fans of within the growtent for 12hr every other day for 3days. And that is fine but then they would be in flower mode??? Or could I use 18/6 cycle and use it for 6hr every other day for same effect?? Just maybe use hotbox for a bit longer. Any advice be greatfull cheers in advance:)

    blowingupjake Well-Known Member

    Just do the 12 hour of darkness on the spray days and 6 hours of darkness on regular days.

    I don't think they would start flowering under that light schedule, especially if you can stick them back to 18/6 after treatment is complete.

    Good luck!

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