How many people are growing CBD rich strains up here?

Discussion in 'Alaska Patients' started by bigbudmicro, May 21, 2014.

    hellmutt bones

    hellmutt bones Well-Known Member

    Ur family must be proud!

    nvhak49 Well-Known Member

    Ha did that guys posts get deleted? So redic he's trying to rep is business or whatever it is on here!

    Soulkipper Active Member

    what is the point of cbd strains?

    nvhak49 Well-Known Member

    I've personally never smoked any but it's suppose to have all the good medicinal benefits in the chemical. And if you you get a strain so to say 4% THC and 4%CBD it's not suppose to get you high the psychoactive part but still give you all the medicinal benefits that people need or want. And it's suppose to be just healthy for you in general. The popular form is the oil and people ingested it put it under your tounge or rub it on your skin if you have pain in a certain aera of you body.

    akbear Member

    I have an oldie too that i've grown 30+ and it has never been tested in a lab but for mine and a few other cancer patients it works wonders better then most any prescription my oncologist has ever written for me/ an all in one medication great for nausea, appetite, and bone pain !

    I would hope at some point as the regulations get further along we will be able to share/sale these Alaskan medical grade CBD hybrids from years past without repercussions. Nice Photo BTW!
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    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    I bought some quin n tonic harlequin X cannatonic from laplata labs from some dude on cl , tastes like candy smoke a joint of that then a j of cookies and Yeehaw hold on!
    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    Making bubble out of the candy pheno image.jpeg
    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    I love those glasses watching thread what are net Feds? Hahaha
    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    Candy pheno of quin n tonic harlequin X cannatonic

    testiclees Well-Known Member

    I grew a 8ball kush. my plant didnt do as well as i hoped but it gave up some nice nugs. I think it does offer some nice effects.
    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    We need sombody with cash to get a real machine to test our green up here ?
    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    I'd give cuts to those in pain I got a big ol momma waitn

    emily_____june New Member

    I can hook you up with CBD oil, aka Rick Simpson oil if interested or know patients who may be
    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    Quin n tonic ( cannatonic X harlequin )
    Dr. Wedacof

    Dr. Wedacof New Member

    Our first grow had a number of cbd strains, this cbd bomb did the best. My work buddies call it the swiffer duster! All organic in soil.

    This time its biocanna completely and medical marijuana genetics candida, along with several others.

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