How marijuana has helped you to recover from your illness?


What doesn't herb help with should be the question. :weed:
I am pretty sure the answer to that is HEARTBURN. One thing I have learned over the years is that weed helps me stuff more food in than my stomach can normally handle and that has consequences.

Cannabis hasn't cured anything that my partner or I have had, but it sure has helped treat many serious issues. Most notably, my GF got an incurable nervous disorder from a medication and thanks to cannabis she doesn't show symptoms. Unfortunately, we have to both smoke pretty heavily and we're in a regressive state in the Midwest so supply has been a massive problem for us. At work people used to ask me if I was high only on the rare times I wasn't; I'm just that much less functional without it.

I have some good meds on the way, but they won't be done till New Years or later. Our outdoor stuff this year definitely did not turn out very medicinal and we've been plowing through it like crazy. Its amazing how much difference in medical qualities cannabis varieties can have. Hopefully 2021 will be a more steady year for medicine. We would move somewhere legal if that was even remotely feasible.


My wife almost died from alcoholism. She was skin and bones, yellow, dying, with a scarred liver that the doctor said would probably not recover. She could only expect a few years even with no drinking. I can't describe to you all the amount of agony she endured after quitting drinking in this condition. Cannabis allowed her to have an appetite and keep down food and water for those weeks of painful withdrawl. She smoked cannabis only, all the way through her 3 + year recovery. She says without it she would be dead, and I believe her. It was her exit drug and we both will never drink again. She's a completely different person physically, and her liver is scar free and fully functioning which surprised the liver doctor. Now we're expecting a baby. This flower is much more than a drug to me.


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Marijuana helps a lot to get recover from illness and acts as a memory booster, immunity booster too. Phenylpiracetam a sub-component of marijuana provides a high degree of neuroprotection compared to other racetam nutritional supplements. The supplement also has psycho-stimulant properties that increase physical performance improve.