How old does a plant need to be to clone

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    Stltoed Well-Known Member

    I germinated some seeds. I wanted 8, ended up with 3. No problem I thought... I'll grow the three and and pull clones to make up the difference. My question is; how old do the 3 need to be to take cuttings?
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    theres no rule but its easier to handle a 6 week old plant than a 2 week one. older ones dont mind being abused as much.
    when theres 6 or so branches with several new meristems on it you'll be golden.
    cut the stem at the stalk, scalpel preferred, clean blade, I use a small cutting board. final cut near new growth and scrape a bt to expose the cambium layer, dip in clonex and into a moist cup of pro mix/rooting cube etc. water in lightly mist , dome for a day, uncover and dont water till you see roots coming out. thats what I do for a 99% success.
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    Stltoed Well-Known Member

    I use Rockwool in my system. So Ph the starter cube insert the stem and don't water it, just keep it moist?

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    ah..I remember rockwool. I liked it, wished it would burn when finished though....
    yes soak cube, gently squeeze excess water, insert stem and dome in a warmer/not cooler area.
    you can mist once clone once but I wouldnt do it again. I dont know your space but if you keep the cube in a cup
    in a tray you should see roots before you need to water. But if the cube feels dry pour a shot of water over it, and not again till its dry.
    if its moist on the outside its wet inside. hope that helps

    Stltoed Well-Known Member

    Here is my rig and future plants

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    ruwtz Well-Known Member

    Another post that shouldn't be in advanced. :clap:

    I'm not just being a curmudgeon; some of us come here to read new info / advanced techniques / quality research so its a real bore to have to sift through stuff like this.

    Sorry OP, i'm having a bad day :blsmoke:
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    gribniff Member

    Best to wait till the plant is mature, ie asymmetrical growth.
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    18B Well-Known Member

    A plant from seed takes about 55 days to be mature, start alternating and showing can clone at any time there is enough to make the clone and continue growing the seed plant/donor.
    I generally grow my seed plants big enough to cut the tops off and clone them...usually about 6-8 branches on each side.

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