How to delete a thread?


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Is this something
You’ll be continually doing stop it
You’re wrecking other users accounts

It’s one thing to ask us here and there or once
It’s another to use this like a service it isn’t
You’re making other people suffer because you simply want your posts deleted
Stop making threads if you want them deleted in a month


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It is frowned upon because it creates a huge headache for the Mod that has to do it and disrupts conversations between other members in those threads.
If you don't want a thread to be up here then simply don't start one.


If I had read this in the sticky guidelines, then I would have been more careful about what I upload to the site, it was because I saw that threads were being deleted that I went ahead with uploading the content to the site.

Bearing in mind what you have said, can I have the threads I mentioned removed, and I will be more careful in the future about what I upload.

The intention wasn't to be a pain in the arse.