How to get C02 tanks without suspicion

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    Breezee77 Active Member

    Ok, so I'm growing some veggies am wondering how you can get C02 tanks without suspicion. This is for the tomatoes in the basement, but if someone asks, then they will probably think I'm growing weed of course.

    Anyway, how can you get c02 without setting up an official account with someone. I'd prefer to pay cash you know?

    If anyone could share what they do it would be great! Also, I have heard of natural methods of creating C02 without tanks or natural gas. Has anyone used another method and if so, was it effective?

    Thanks a ton for anyone who can help!
    Jimmy Sparkle

    Jimmy Sparkle Well-Known Member

    Some welding supply shops sell c02 cylinders filled, empty and some fill them. Depends where you are at. Also, any homebrew shops will hook you up with no suspicion
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Just say you have a giant BB gun .......your welcome

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I got a CO2 tank needs filling but it was stolen a couple years ago so not sure if they have some sort of registration number that might bite me in the ass if I take it in to be refilled. A buddy gave it to me in trade for something else illegal. ;)

    Got used mostly to put roosters to sleep so I could skin them out for fly tying feathers. The axe method tends to screw up the cape. Used the last of it on my current grow to push them in stretch. Wanna do that again. :)

    Anybody know if they just swap tanks for a full one and out you go?

    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    You can get it refilled if it's still certified (date code in bottle). If not you'll buy a new one and yes then just keep swapping out. I found that without a controller it can turn into an expensive venture here. Running a sealed room with CO2 creates a whole new set of issues like cooling.

    davillains Well-Known Member

    I'm using a co2 fire extinguisher and the only thing suspicious about it is refilling it so frequently. But you can have a pool of a few refill shops and rotate em, or you can say you're using it for your beer tap or your aquarium.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    I use propane to make c02, its cheaper and widely available.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Certified = pressure tested.....they are for a period of years and then need to be retested/certified..

    Go in to the gas dealer. You either want to charge paintball tanks or your a TIG welder! Get a 75 lb tank and you don't have to visit so often.
    Even the fucking hardware stores around me have 75lb tanks for paintballers!

    YUP! straight swap out @OldMedUser Most of the time they don't give a shit what your doing with it! Thing is those little 40lb tanks say "GROWING POT" kinda loud!

    Dealing direct is far cheaper then having the local grow shop fill them....

    Veggies - LOL! Be sure your running 90F and 80% RH or the gas doesn't work on your "veggies".....

    Unless you have a 600 in a 4x4 or a 1K in a 5x5 - only run at 1000ppm. If you HAVE those - you can run at 1300ppm. You do not have enough light intensity to even bother running 1500ppm - so don't! Your only wasting gas over 1300ppm!

    It's all in how many lux of light your delivering!
    bryan oconner

    bryan oconner Well-Known Member


    Odin* Well-Known Member

    The 75lb tanks can be a bitch to manuever around. I suggest a few 20's if you don't want to go too often. Even the 20's are 45lbs when full, 75's are 213lbs full. I used to have a bunch of 50's (140lbs full), too much work in lugging them around (and I can carry a pair of 120lb dumbells around the gym no prob).

    Paintball guns moved away from CO2 to compressed air years ago. Those "paintballers" aren't what they claim. :bigjoint:

    Local Hydro stores just swap them out, pub supply fills. I prefer the swap, Hydro store already knows what's up, pub supply employees/patrons are the ones to worry about. Either way, to this day, I still make sure that I'm not being followed (only happened once, years ago). It's isn't any cheaper fill VS swap (at least, around here it isn't, Los Angeles). If you want to fill, it's for the tap you have in your "bar".

    Tried running natural gas burners. Not really saving there, constant worry about the possibility of fire. :fire: We want "fire", but don't want it in flames until good and ready. :bigjoint:

    CO2 has been a pain, but we have a "love, hate" relationship.

    Another thing, you have to be real careful with it. You have to ensure a good seal with every "connect" and the regulators only last around 5 years before the plastic "flow" gauge degrades (minor cracks) and begins to leak, I've fixed a few, but isn't worth it. One time an entire tank leaked (reg flow ruptured after I hooked up new tanks and left). Tank size and the fact that that room was completely sealed meant that there was enough CO2 in that room to knock me unconscious within 30 seconds, dead in about 20 minutes (which would happen easy after the 30 second KO, not waking from that nap). I "caught it" within 5 seconds of entering the room, still had a mean headache, felt weak and nauseous. Plants were kinda stressed, drooped for a few days, all of the "Mystery" through some nanners, and one HPK grew a full "male flower".

    Anyhow, be mindful. Even with controllers in place.
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    I used to brew beer and there were lots of ways to get bottles refilled. Homebrew supply shops will exchange them, and most industrial gas (think welding supply) will also do like for like exchanges. As long as your tank has a good date, they will take it and hand you a full one. No need to grab them at hydro stores if you are in a red state. Cops don't care about homebrewers.
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    Hydrotech364 Gen Mod

    I use Dry Ice (Frozen CO2), I saturate them.You can buy it at most grocery stores. 0129150634a.jpg
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    bryan oconner

    bryan oconner Well-Known Member

    can make your own co2 . as well . 0ne 5 pound bag of sugar . 1 large bag of active yeast . 5 gallons of water it will get your co2 up in a 10/10 area to 2000 ppm . large then add more buckets . i did 25 gallons before lol entire room 40/40 the ppm were well over 2000 ppm lasts 7 days then you need to restart .

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    how big was the room, and the tank ? what did the meter say ppm's?
    glad you lived!
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    jay5coat Well-Known Member

    Welding supply fills them for cheap. And it's none of their business what it's for. Aquarium, bbgun, paintball gun, brewing, ECT. No one has ever asked my why I'm buying it.
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    Odin* Well-Known Member

    Small room, 20'x16'x10', two 20lb tanks (dual reg), max read for that meter was 5,000ppm. It took over an hour (don't recall exactly how long) for the read to drop below that "5,000", all the external doors open, single exhaust. Each time I went back in to check the meter I had my wife on the phone (had her show up just in case some dumb crap happened, like a "slip, fall, head struck"). Scary.
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    meangreengrowinmachine Well-Known Member

    beer brewers often need co2... seems like that ganja is getting you paranoid my man (-;
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    Carolina Dream'n

    Carolina Dream'n Well-Known Member

    Walk in welding store looking respectable. Don't smell like weed. Buy co2 tank. Leave.

    If you act sketch about it, it'll be sketch. If they ask you what you doing with it, have an answer and say it with confidence.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    scary for sure!

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I got a flow gauge but no controller for it so what I was doing was going in right after the lights came on then blasting the room straight from the tank with the fan controller set to let the heat get up to 90+. Then I'd go down a couple hours later and run the exhaust fan to cool the room to about 75 and do it again. Just during the stretch for an experiment and the plants grew like crazy. Tank ran out just a few days after the stretch. I'd like to get the controller and set it up right but no spare coin for that.

    I used to drive propane truck and refill bottles that we re-certified if they were past there date code. I'm supposing they do the same with these welding tanks. Guess I'll find out when I take it in.

    This is the tank I have with the flow gauge on it beside my DIY nute chiller and some unruly plants in DWC a couple years back.

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