how to grow mushrooms the easy way

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by canndo, Feb 16, 2013.

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    The best there is Soma. Animita Muscaria sleep

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    Who the fuck is Vinnie Paz?

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    Nice write up!! I have used ground brown rice and vermiculite back in the day.
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    Spore store... microtech out of las Vegas..delivered in 9 days
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    GrayDizzle Active Member

    Followed this method and it worked great for a rookie. Maybe most were not as "uniform" as I hoped, but the goal was to grow for my first mushroom experience.
    I've ate L when I was younger, and generically associated it with the same type of trip..

    Boy was I wrong..

    At 2:45, I ate 1.5g just to check for safety. I had very mild effects, but it was nothing like expected. But I was ready to eat more when the other passengers arrived at 6:30.
    None of us had ever had shrooms. We all decided 2.5g was the magic number. I had the time of my life. WAY WAY more intense than I thought. I walked to the moon through a kaleidoscope world..
    The come down was something else. I had the most blissful, humbling experience of my entire life. I'm not into the spiritual stuff, but these bad boys opened my eyes to a whole new world, and pulled back the curtains so I could see the one I'm living in.

    Crazy shit..
    Korn on the...

    Korn on the... New Member

    The original poster of "the easy way to grow mushrooms" has found an EXPENSIVE and complex way to grow. I've been growing various strains for over 30 years, the way I learned was a post on the "EROWID" site. This original post is still there after all this time! I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to grow shrooms, especially newbies, check out. This may be THE best drug site on the web. The method described can be done in full with an expenditure as low as $20.
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    just starting up some shiitake, oyster and lions mane. making the transition over to edibles after many years of the fun ones lol. prepping spawn bags all morning using hardwood bbq pellets, shredded cardboard and straw.
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    Cheesy Bo' Greesy

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    So youre telling us this man ripped off people for millions of dollars purposely misleading them on the fine art of mushroom cultivation. I have no respect for that man being a lover of psychedelics and their theraputic value. When used properly they are wonderful medicine just like marijuana.

    It's time we stopped this negative stigma on LSD, Mushrooms, Mescaline etc. Enough is enough. They ,the powers that be, have lied to and misguided us for far too long now.

    Mushrooms ARE medicine as is pure LSD as is pure Mescaline.

    I was blessed as a young man to know those who produced real and pure LSD. If youre here and you were using LSD in the Orlando, Florida area back in the 1980s you know exactly who Im talking about.
    They were the REAL deal.

    We were also blessed to know well connected dead heads who could procure beautifully pure LSD from other areas of the United States as well.

    I know them all no longer no point in keeping an eye on me its been decades. Anyway ...

    It was rarely if ever dry. I miss it tremendously. It was the tail end of an era. A beautiful time period when obtaining pure LSD or fresh Mushrooms (or any of the other substances mentioned) was as easy as obtaining marijuana. Sometimes even easier.

    No dark web or bit coins needed. No encryption needed ... just a hand shake and a smile.

    Mushrooms were extremely easy to procure. Shrooms grown in the fields naturally. Obtaining real and pure mescaline was no problem as well. One of our favorites.

    Now look at us. Cant people see a culture lacking in easy access to real and truly pure psychedelics suffers?

    These things were always medicine and they always will be medicine ... just like marijuana.
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    Wow. I never imagined that this thread would get numerous replies. :)
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    For the people who have tried this technique: do you think it would work with strains other than cubes? I want to try to grow something native to the Pacific Northwest. Would something like wavy cap cyans work in this system?

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    Ok so how many pages do I have to read for the best tek? Really Trying to get into it. I've got anxiety and depression and believe in these meds to reset my thinking so to speak. Also my well being. Just give me a page number for what you think is the best. I've read a lot of useful information, but don't feel like I've found the up to date procedure is all. Thanks and good bless you all
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