how to win at roulette 70% of the time


Vegas wouldn't exist if the House wasn't guaranteed to win.
But people wouldn't be playing if there wasnt a decent chance to win. Asian games actually have the best odds. I won't say which ones so as not to tempt anybody, but I won a handsome number today


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In a casino, you dont win anything until you leave with it. You gotta leave when you're up at any game, you cant stay hot forever all the time.

My roulette strategy is to play a section of the wheel, 8 bets, all same $ amount. I make 4 "corner " bets paying 2:1 and 4 "numbers" bets paying 36:1.

On a 00 wheel I'm about 42% to net 1 bet if I hit a "corner".
On a 00 wheel I'm about 10.5% to hit a "number"
These odds improve on a 0 wheel.

Some nights you can hang out a while get drinks and walk away with money in your pocket. At a minimum it stretches the game out.

I'll share this gem with you all, yes I bet 23 every time. I play the same 8 numbers ever spin. Pit boss said he never seen this in his 25yr career. This was 2007 at Monte Carlo in Vegas



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I was at a riverboat casino with a girlfriend and a buddy with his girl friend. They were having some sort of argument that must have carried over from earlier. At one point he gave her a $1000 chip, saying just have a good time and out of anger she put the chip on a single number just to spite him, and it HIT! She won $35,000 and got her picture put on the wall of winners! We were all flabbergasted! lol