How’s the outdoor season going?


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looking I have been to lazy to trim this years crop. I hand trimmed one especially nice plant which has rock hard nugs and had to break them down to their smallest possible chunks to avoid having them mold while drying...Had it happen a couple of years back while trying to dry absolutely huge buds that were super dense. Lost probably 1/2 pound, so lesson learned.
I'm just hang drying whole branches and once they are just right I will put on the cut proof gloves and basically just grab one end and wrap the other around the stalk and just rip it thru my hand into giant yard waste bags...That way its possible to trim a 12 footer plus plant in about 15 to 20 minutes
tops and all the leaf that's loose will break off usually just jostling around in the bag.
By the time I have picked thru these huge leaf bags searching for all the buds.... I'm left with all the sugar leaf and small bud pieces and use that to make some hash or oils....

I know it's lazy but these days ....I get too fatigued trimming day after day for weeks....which is what I used to do...
I have a much smaller crop this year mostly because the Dutch group of seeds produced 50/50 male to female ratio. so I ended up culling 7 large male plants and because they lean heavy to the sativa side of things.... all of them reached 12 feet or more before they showed their maleness.. but also because sativa's take so much longer to grow .....they didn't even show sex until the first week of I was thinking great, I got 100 percent females this boy o boy I was wrong and by then there was no way to do a late replant or anything like that...
Most years I would normally know the sex of all by July...
I should have also known since males have a tendency to become some of the most beautiful/healthy looking/massive plants...all of these were over 10 feet tall by mid july and by the time I culled them in early September they were easily 14 plus footers...and a couple of them had a 2' of snapped off the top in the wind...

I currently have 2 still in the garden and I only cover them when the temps get below zero, these two I want to push as far as I they fully mature.. would be say these are at least 16 to 20 week strains if not more....if I had to guess....
they are very mold/bug resistant from what I have seen so far and the buds are quite sticky but also nowhere near as dense as most indica's

first sign of mold and they will come down otherwise they stay until they can't stay any longer....I'm thinking end of Nov or early December...
or first snow....which ever comes first.
Either way I plan on trying for a fully matured outdoor sativa in the Canadian climate, that will hopefully kick some ass in the cerebral area....
I love sativa's for that reason. A nice wake and bake joint of a good sativa.. is hard to match buzz feel sharper and smarter and very much more creative... even if its only you who thinks

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710B4A3A-242E-4321-8EB1-4AEADD212D38.jpegBanger Haze x Super Silver Haze came down last Friday after two weeks in bright sunshine. It was done throwing pistils and part way through the swell. Very resistant to problems.DC238A8F-FD68-4F5D-9B05-CA0FF2B2182B.jpegGolden Tiger by PCK came down the same day. It was swelled with mostly milky trichromes and a few amber. This plant had issues with growing branches too long, suceptible to pm, bugs and cold. Will try it again next year it has a great effect, it might be allright in a better season
. Actually for the time it took I may as well grow straight Golden Tiger or Malawi it would have likely finished better. I saved a few clean tops but most of this plant went in the compost.

I made F2’s of the BHxSSH and crosses with the GTxPCK. Just lightly pollinated both around lower branches the first week of October.

I’m a big fan of sweating buds in paper bags, its a cold ferment but they get nice and sticky with amber trichromes as they cure. Recently I tried hot ferments and I’m blown away by the “sickly sweet” smell and the bioavailabilty of it. It smokes like air, so smooth. I chew it for twenty minutes and then ingest it, and that keeps me good all day. It really cleans up the effects too. It has a very positive effect on my gut so I’m going to stick with it for awhile. So most of the late harvest is going to cob and brickweed.


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I saw the top one first and the first thought in my head was you could put Christmas lights on it.

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I saw the top one first and the first thought in my head was you could put Christmas lights on it.
I would have if it didn’t dip to -8C with snow and wind. I probably should cover because the weather is great again. Covers are a gamble around here with high humidity and lots of mould spores in the air.

We grew as a group of neighbours and friends so there is lots of sampling and comparing going on. Last year everybody got seeded by a few fields of cbd plants. So there was lots of seed from “whateveryougrewlastyear” x cbd. People looking for cbd grew these seeds and got some nice plants this year. Some phenos were straight cbd and a decent amount of it when compared to good commercial cbd varieties. Early finishing as well.

It is surprising how many avid gardeners have space for a few plants even if they have never consumed cannabis before. Especially if it is a cbd variety. Show them how to use the plant and its a win for everyone involved.

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It was about a month ago I saw a bust here in Ont where the pigs used a small bulldozer and backhoe to uproot the trees they encountered. It was a greenhouse gro somewhere in southern Ontario.