HSO Amherst Sour Diesel

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    Strain: HSO Amherst Sour Diesel
    Growth: Slow build, caught up later. normal for most of the pot I've grown in size and hardiness.
    Lights: 2 area 51 RW90
    Nutes: H&G Coco A&B, bud xl, bloombastic. Nutes via blumat drip system.
    Yield: 75 grams bud, 60 grams trim and fluff. flowered for 72 days.
    Bag Appeal: Good. Plant made nice tops, not a lot of lower popcorn. Good sparkle.
    Smell: This is where it gets a little strange. It hardly smells at all. When I was harvesting there was a slight fuel smell, but after a whole plant 8 day dry and a 3-week jar cure it just isn't very strong at all. If I leave a bud out to get crispy, I get a good pot smell as it crumbles and then it's gone quickly.
    Taste: Very smooth, not very harsh at all. I hardly ever cough, and I'm a cougher. Just not a lot of flavor of weed.
    The High: All over the place. After I dried and trimmed, I hit a bud before jarring and it was a bit of heaven. Peeled my head back. Smoked some every week as it was curing, after one it was boring, after 2 it was like normal weed, good and functional. Week 3 is sliding in slow motion. Introspective, I surf the net or read a book on this and really get into for 90 minutes, then it's time for a fresh rip. Fuzzy head, not a lot of body high or chest tightness. I did get 10 minutes of heart charge the other night watching soccer, like excitement/anxiousness, but I had several drinks before smoking. I think the combo of the 3 put me in a zone. But that is what the high is like.
    Comments: I got this as a freebee from a seedbank for a pack of seeds that never popped (eva) and after reading a little about it on the net I was excited to grow it. It was slow to veg, and slow to bloom, but it did continually grow throughout, so my early worries were over by about day 50 of flower. I think it was in a crowded tent, so that had an effect on the pace. It was always held around 45% humidity throughout the grow (I don't do boytris) and I just feel like it might have wanted higher humidity. It got a proper amount of nutes, there was like a 16th of an inch of nute burn on the tips, so it was on the edge. I also think the pheno was just maybe a little weak, as I only grew one plant. I did not save clones from this one, though I did have 4, none of my friends wanted them. I think there is a pheno of this out there that probably kicks some serious ass. With a little space, a good seed, and some slight tweaks to the environment, I feel it could be top shelf. Glad to have a fat jar of these for the summer. 7.5/10 with potential.

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    And here are a couple of pics of the final product: IMG_20160609_194333.jpg IMG_20160609_194238.jpg

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    Nice I'm growing this out currently. It is very slow
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    Like the nugs , thanks!
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