hugo blocks and water holding capacity

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    HI everybody. this is my first post on the forum and here is my question:

    how much a hugo block 6" hold water when watered by the top (drain to waste ?)
    when the plant is well established in bloom, how much the cube will hold water?

    thanks :leaf:

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    A pint, maybe a quart? Gotta try it and find out. What stage are you in? What medium are you going to be using? Why is it, exactly, that you're wondering? It would seem to me to be pretty easy to figure out unless it's already buried in dirt.

    Negligible if grown in dirt or DWC, in my opinion.
    You don't have a spare cube to see for yourself?

    I googled it for you.
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    I know a uni slab holds slightly less than a half gallon (2 quarts or 2 liters roughly) before runoff. A 6" Hugo is smaller in volume than a uni so a quart and a half maybe?

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