Hydro MiniBox


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Definitely a cool little box. I’m just suggesting a much lower starting ppm for seedlings so you won’t have as many toxicity issues. 500 is still a bit high. Closer to 2-300 ppm range would be more ideal. Also I’m not trying to be critical just offering some advice to be helpful. I wish you good luck and a bountiful harvest.


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It may work for you but not for the plant. If you notice the twisting and abnormal growth.Those are clear indications of toxicity symptoms.

Upon germination, the cotyledon feed the seedling for a while before any nutrients are necessary. Once the cotyledon start to yellow then (if you are growing in an inert medium) you start a nutrient regimen. All that twisting and yellowing are a result of an abundance of nutrients. The results are overly green plants that grow abnormally while simultaneously locking out certain nutrients resulting in some of the yellowing/browning (aka burning) you clearly see in your plant.

Did you notice once your plant grew to certain size it finally started to grow and look healthier. It finally was able to grow better under those conditions because it was mature enough to be able to handle being fed higher concentrations of nutrients.

Take this however you want but I guess you can lead a horse to water and blah blah blah but I guess if you’re happy with your results that’s all that matters.


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yes. as i told you 700 was too much if i do 500 its okej. tap water here is 150 i think.
i know about the low zone, apropriate zone, luxury zone ,then comes too much but not dying what you are talking about and then real too much yellowing of leafs and visible problems

honestly she is growing too much however you like it the box is too small to suport her until she leaves veg i have to fight her every time after i switch she is not mature soo she is veging for a week or more.

and she is slow at the beggining because the roots are developing, when you dont see her grow top you see a huge explosion of roots.

yes this round was overfeed but last year i had red diesel and at 650 start nutes where droping after one day it was 630. only reason i started this high this season but i guess this random seed is not one of the hungry types

this was after 7 days veg1650796270574.png

but this random seed didnt even have half of the roots it started with 2 roots and they went long... maybe because of high ppm or just genetics
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added 1.75L water with 3ml hesi pk


got some light burn on some tops but its imposible to put them down branches are too big it just pulls the plant out of the lid...
i am literally trying to put her between the led diodes hahaha.
when i put her back in box i have to do it step by step bending branches to fit in....

the bottom popcorns dont get any light soo they are yellow as well

she has a nice weed smell but not soo strong i wanna say sweet but its just weed smell

she started drinking more than 2L a day soo i will have to visit her more often now


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forgot about an update i had 700 6.23 and changed that to 610 6.23

today i opened and
4,9 700
added 2l of water
(i am opened to explanations why this is happening)

wanted to make a stupid joke about harvest 1.jpeg but this low hunger is annoying me. i will try to find where she gets hungry.

heads are not bad she has a really delicious smell something sweet. it looks like they are about 15cm long not big but there is around 8-9 heads.
only thing i hate is that the plant is soo big and i cant tie her down....maybe i can make something thats easy to move everytime i move her.
yea but curently the heads are touching the lamps i positioned them in spaces between but still burning.soo i guess tops of them will not be the best but rest of the body should be delicious :)

must remember to take a photo with the microscope now and at the end of one of the pistils


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i know tops are burning but each time i tie her she slips back up.there is a photo somewhere a lot of metals but still cant keep her down.... i guess i am still a noob


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DAY 44

added 1,75L of water tiny bit of myco and 2 pinches of ph-
i should have added more ph but.... mistakes are made

7.0 ph tommorow i will check her and add more