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    Hey guys, iff someone could help me plz. Im not a very experienced grower, I always grow by the book with a ph pen, organic, temp always controlled with AC, and i don't have lots of experience with problems ( only had mites). My Ph pen broke, I change my substrate brand, and moved from my old house ( so the water change too)...

    Using, biobizz alg a mic, biogrow or fish mix. Clu048 4k for veg and im not flowering at this point. I noted the burned tips, discoloring of leaves and the purple petiole. Also the grow is too slow.

    I will really appreciate the help, tks.

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    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    The plant looked good to me but in other pix I see where there is/was a spider mite issue. I don't advocate expensive nuclear strength nutes. Most everything you need can be had from composted manure, peat, perlite and some rock dust. You're over thinking the project and are being influenced by advertising or info on grow forums.
    Just keep it simple. You're growing a fucking weed.
    Did you have a specific question or did you just need a little confidence building?
    Again, the plant I'm seeing looks pretty good. Tight internodal spacing, lush green leaves. I don't see a problem. Maybe it's me. Haha.

    CaliSmokes Well-Known Member

    Your plants are fine, some tip burn is ok, soil looks prettt wet, make sure not to over water.

    Not sure how big that pot is but it might be getting close to needing a transplant transplant.

    If it's soil you're growing in I'd forget about the PH pen, you don't need it when it comes to soil.
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    KodaBR Member

    Tkx guys, I really appreciate the reply. I needed the confidence boost, this strain doesn't have a name, is a OG Kusk X Great Brazilian Sativa ( with beautiful pink pistilos and a narcotic high). This blue pot is 2L (about half gallon) but in the weekend I will transplant to a 2.1 gallons , put in the last week of veg and flower her. I still need to prepare the flower tent, as its still im my old home.About the water I took the photos after watering them, I let pass all the runoff and place them back in tents.

    I was worried about stress, and im not used to burned tips. As this plant is from a regular seed, im trying not to stress to diminish the chances of a male.
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