I think they know...


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Hi there!
I am currantly growing in my bathroom and have been doing soo for the last 2 month or so (i had a testing phase befor actually starting my MJ project) and no one have ever complained about anything.
I am living in a dormroom (by my self) but these last two weeks my neighbors have started giving me peeks like
"Have you ever though about the sound outside your room? It's like a quiet buzzing, wonder where it come from..."
and this other day my other neighbors texted me
"what are you doing? it sounds terible!"
where as I answered i was not home. Then he answered
"I was just kidding ;)"

If you have a bubbler, for how long can you turn off the boubbles without drenching the plant?
If i could just turn the air pump of between 6 and 9 in the morning that would help a lot!

Also how far along am I judging from this pics? Its day 41 from sprouting and day 8 of flowering.
They are northen lights autos.

2013-12-03 21.04.51.jpg2013-12-03 21.04.31.jpg2013-12-03 21.04.10.jpg

What do you think i can/should do?
All help is appreciated!

Dirty Jerz

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Wow uhm. Wrap your air pump in a towel turn it off and your plants will die.

Gl, stay safe... Lmao.


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Try suspending the air pump from a piece of string or something. I'm assuming most of the noise is coming from the pump vibrating against something and not the pump itself.


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Allredy tried all of the above :(
NL is pretty descreet IMO. Almost no smell!
Worst part is i can hear them sneeking around outside (no im not high).
Like they all have pretty heavy footsteps and now i can hear them opening their door, and then just one or two footsteps, like they are leaning towards my outside wall!
Lets just hope they are toker friendly :)

I did ajust the airpump by tying all 4 hoes up to one singel airstone, insted of 2 of them not being used. This way I should be able to half the strenght and get the same amount of air...

can you really wrap a airpump in a towel? doesnt it need a clear way to suck in air?


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Dude, if you are this nervous now, wait till they stink. You are going to be taken away by the time this is done.

Dirty Jerz

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You seem parinoid. Lay off the cheech a bit. And yes as long as you don't duct tape it , it should be fine, maybe goto wally world and buy a tempurpedic pillow for it to sit on.

Your not afraid of A doorm check?

Oh well is what is man.


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Im not to worry about the smell, i mean NL is soposed to be odor free and in case it does smell a bit i got a galon of ona gel laying around.

I found out most of the sound is not coming from the air pump itself, but rather the bucket of water.

My guess is the sound is traveling within the airtubes and then amplefied in the water. Haven't figgured out how to combat this yet but I usualy figgure it out. The wiered thing is I have run it for 2 month without nobody reacting to the sound and now all of a sudden, when its more quiet than ever, i get these remarks.
I am actually good friends with all of them, we go to movies together, train in the gym, study together and so on. I doubt they would report it to the police but I just dont want anyone to know. Im not the stoner kind of guy (no offence) and drugs probebly dont fitt my personality (ie. good student, engaged in politics and so on...).
Next grow will be soil based, if I pull this one of, that is.

There is no way to transplant the bubbler plant to soil now right? To get ridd of the air pump that is.

Im mostly curious how long you guys think it will take before they are done judging from there present stage.

Is there anyway you can speed up the process? Like adding my GH Ripen alredy?