Icedrgn027's 2nd grow. Blue dream & Tangie. DWC


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Ok. Here they are. 1 week from planting. Like a dummy, I forgot to mark which was which, unlike my first grow. So we will get to figure it out as they grow and flower. It should become obvious and kinda fun.

After my first grow, clones currently drying. I learned a ton and learned how and where to relax somewhat. This was my last Blue Dream seed out of a 3 pack. The others did not sprout for the first grow...newb mistakes. I was worried, dropped the last seed alongside the Tangie for the 2nd grow and here we go again!

If you followed along for the first journal. Welcome back. I am not sure if I will make it nightly photos again or not as I go. At least weekly but it will prob be nightly without sweating if I miss a night. No worries of huge photos hogging the thread. Thumbnails work just fine and appear cleaner over all. Looking forward to better results and I was pleased with the last results!


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7/27/2020 -11days (yesterday)

A little about setup tonight since these girls need to be moved.
This is the air hose that I have used a t and 1/16 drill bit to make air bubbler rings with 3 holes. These worked well for my last grow. I need to clear out the holes of residue. I got lazy on the last month or so on cleaning during water changes. Normally just pinching the rings when they get clogged frees them up. Only happens when you neglect cleanup for a long time. If your pH balancing each night, you are visually able to check their performance in action and was only an issue near the end of 4 months.
Now, I am taking this opportunity to reattach the missing suction cups that popped off last grow. I already drilled a hole just big enough for the hose, it's snug but slides, and attach the ring to the bottom with aquarium suction cups secured with super glue. This time I used my knife to score the area of attachment for the suction cup to give the glue an area to grip better. Seems counter intuitive but they will pop off occasionally over the grow. Without an extra bucket to take its place, reattaching them during a water change can be near impossible. I ran most buckets down a cup by the end of the grow with no worries. 1 bucket had 1 left. All you need is a way to keep your rings attached to the bottom of the bucket. It works!
The Results don't lie.
Haven't added this photo anywhere lol. This was my northern lights clone that I just finished trimming (after this photo). Just shy of 6 ounces.

Back to our regular scheduled programming.
3 inch netpot. These will hold our rockwool cubes. Remove the old top first. I had drilled out the center for long taproots. So I gently placedthe roots in and filled with hydroton(clay balls). A few pellets first on the bottom and then the sides until secured. Get it straight. Crooked is a pain near the finish of the grow. Had a LA confidential plant grow diagonally due to it and it was a pain to keep from falling over.
This is my clone/seedlings tray. Cut out 5 slots for pots and covered in duct tape to prevent as much light bleed as possible. They can share water to save on neuts and workload. Once the roots begin to get to close for comfort we will move to their own larger pots and private buckets.
So this will be there home until they are ready for the big leagues....soon.


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Wed, Aug 5th - 20 days
Added nutes to the water tonight. I was only running calmag up to this point. +Hydroguard. Probably should have added a couple days ago honestly . Kinda looking like some potassium deficiency in those tips. It's what made me think, yeah it's overdue. Should've probably did it the night I made the pot.