Illinois medical marijuana card wait time

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    Chicago420 New Member

    Somewhat of a strange question, but to those who have had their checks cashed, did they do it first thing in the morning? Or was it at a random time throughout the day? Wondering if it’s pointless to keep checking my account after the a.m.hours? Thanks for any info. Starting to get a bit frustrated over here. :(
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    Kvondi73 Member

    So I am new and have always worried about starting the process due to what work would do. But finally did it. Finished my electronic application with all the scanned documents. Hoping to get back to a better way of living.

    I am was wondering if going thru electronically is faster? I'm expecting about 70 days its the average that the clinic in my town suggest.
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    four20man New Member

    Sent electronically 80 days ago and still no word

    Chicago420 New Member

    Hi all. Got an update:

    App sent in 11/26
    Check cashed 2/8

    So looks like they are getting towards the end of November now.

    SwayinPalmTree New Member

    Submitted via snail mail on 11/14
    Check cashed 1/19

    Still no card or letter.
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    four20man New Member

    Card is off to the printers

    Kushie_kid New Member

    Hello 2 all Here, I'm Kushie :cool:

    I'm playing the waiting games as well.had my caregiver drive me to Innovative Express Care and we submitted online with them on 11/16/2017 they debited my account 11/20/2017 and I haven't received an email nor anything in the mail.So i guess we're in the same boat. I guess when you get you mine shouldn't be too far behind well good luck !!!!

    Chicago420 New Member

    Congrats! What was the date you applied?

    four20man New Member

    November 20

    Chicago420 New Member

    Nice. I’m Nov 26. Hopefully my time is soon. Fingers crossed.

    Kvondi73 Member

    I applied 2/7 and they had it withdrawn on the 9th. I still have some waiting time. Good luck everyone.
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    SwayinPalmTree New Member

    I received an email from DPH on Friday saying card was sent to printer and Ill have it in 10-14. Hope its the same time frame for you. Good luck!

    BaxterHancok New Member

    How did you people manage to get email updates regarding the status of your card? My doctor's office put all of my paperwork together for me. No mention of updates being received during this process....only that it would take 8-10 weeks from the date of submission which was 12/13/17.

    SwayinPalmTree New Member

    Its been closer to 12 weeks for almost everyone I've seen on this thread. I'd suggest you wait to email until after your check has cleared. It seems as if once they clear your check there is someone assigned to your file. Youll get the auto-response back that they cant provide updates, but if someone is assigned to your file, youll get an update in a day or two. (at least that was how it went for me) Hope this helps.

    You can email the Depart of Public Health-

    [email protected] gov

    To Whom it may concern:

    I am inquiring about the status of my application submitted on or around (date mailed). Any updates would be greatly appreciated.

    I can be reached at (email address or phone).


    Tanker1961 Member

    Peace all ✌️, my app mailed 12-06-17 however I paid the way instructed with cash so I do not know when it was cashed. I did call once and they told me that they received my app, but that was all they said they could say!?! What's up with that? Hopefully I'm not too far from getting my card.

    LostSoulFood Member

    I suppose I'll jump in... been watching this thread, as someone else said it's literally the only active thread online that is addressing the wait time issue.

    I was all submitted 12/12/17. I waited past the 45 day mark and sent an email just to see if they at least had my info. I immediately got the robo-reply and about 2 days later I actually got a response confirming that my info is there and it basically said to wait and not ask questions. This was almost 2 weeks ago. No activity with my check, no other communication.

    I just want to say that for now I feel like the stigma is still there... I'm over 40 now, have mental and physical health issues that I have been able to mitigate with street weed and still remain a very productive member of society. I feel like I have been sneaking around to get the real medicine I need and I feel like I have somehow been very lucky thus far. The older I get it's even more ridiculous to have to do this. Every trip is a risk... and for the first couple days after replenishing I go through the same thing: immediate relief of my symptoms followed by guilt and the feeling that I'm doing something "wrong" to feel normal and be able to function.

    With the card I really hope I can ditch the stigma and truly learn to live well.

    Good luck to everyone else who continues to wait.
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    CUDA22 Member

    I have several conditions and some that you also have.I have tried the liquids and the dabs of hash,shatter etc and yes it helps me and is the best med I have used. I am also waiting about the same time frame as you.I hear it may be at least 90 day or more wait.

    Ponco56 New Member

    Day 82 tomorrow.

    2/1 Money order cashed.
    2/7 Emailed me back after 2 days and said application being processed.

    Surgery today 2/15 - all went well. Back home now, but sure could use my card instead of pain pills. Ugh

    These last few days are going way too slow.

    Just FYI - 5 government holidays have been in the mix for the waiting period:
    Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year Day, MLK Day, and next Monday 2/19 President's Day. UGH UGH

    ChangyHoiHoi Member

    Hey Y'all.

    App submitted via snail mail from clinic through whom I also paid: 12/7/17

    Date apllication received by IDPH per my follow-up email: 12/14/17

    Have heard nothing further. Today is 62 days post-receipt date.
    90 days from receipt date: 3/14/18
    90 days from mailing date: 3/7/18

    Am really hoping i dont get disapproved after all this felony and no cdl so thats all good, but I had the doc at the clinic diagnose me w PTSD and have met with him twice so far, and I'm hoping thatll be deemed sufficient for both the debilitating condition and physician care requirements, would love to hear from others in similar position.

    Its driving me a bit crazy waiting and Im hoping the holidays dont cause delay and that we keep seeing cards arrive before the 90 day mark...looking forward to March 7 has been in my head for a long time. Would love to hear from other fretting countdowners or those who recently got cards with their wait time stats.

    Any 12/14 receipt date twins with me here? anyone else real close to that date anyway?

    Will let yall know as soon as I hear anything's to hope for us all getting the "kind" treatment we're seeking. I'm gonna load up on indica and sleep without nightmares. Im gonna relax with a hybrid at the end of the day and be a better dad w/out flashbacks and agitation distracting me. I'm going to retire from my psychic struggle and be the smiling person I was supposed to's to the future.

    Let's go the river gently flowing...
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    Kushie_kid New Member

    Day 87 :wall: No luck No card

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