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It's been awhile since I popped in here. Been busy , you know how it goes.
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She didn't kick out quite the numbers I had hoped for , but she holds her own here in my circle of local growers as a heavy hitter.
Selected here at HookahsGarden
Bred by Thunderfudge at Thunderfudge Genetics.


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IMG_20171212_085356_906.jpg IMG_20171213_223652_679.jpg IMG_20171213_223355_219.jpg IMG_20171214_235705_476.jpg IMG_20171217_081959_989.jpg

It's been awhile since I've posted here. Lost my login information for a while.
Got lots of good stuff working here down the rabbit hole.
Currently building some seed stock to play with , so everything is preggo with seeds.
I selected a male Triangle Chitral (CSI Humboldts Triangle Kush x Pakistani Chitral Kush) and F2d the strain and crossed him to he following selected keeper cuts and clone only strains:
A Dub Killer
Animal Cookies
Ghost Train Haze 1
Sour Bubble
OG Kush F-cut
Florida OG