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  • HI Hobbes, I was reading you Root Cloneing thread from 2010 and wondered if you had gotten it perfected, or just dropped it? I was interested in cloning some autos that way. I run and NTF system and have easy access to roots.
    Hi Hobbes! So happy to see you are here and well. You are a huge inspiration to myself and so many others. Thank you for bringing weed science to the masses. I am working on a new grow operation inspired by your methods and mission. I cant seem to find weed science and my files are not accesible. I would be grateful for any resource to reacquire weed science and input on my new efficiency ideas for Urban Agriculture.
    hey there bud, i signed up on here just to talk to ya...
    i used to be on overgrow and have been and am currently on icmag.
    was wondering if you had a moment to chat up in dm’s

    blessings and thanks for your time brotha

    Hi Eugene, what's up?

    Dearest Hobbes,

    I am in need of your brilliant and persistent mind! I, too, am an adherent of the school of KISS (keep it simple), and would like some visuals to your 2009 post on DIY crockpot distiller - tinypic photo hosting has failed us all. If you can find a way to do so, or would prefer to discuss over private message medium, please let me know.

    All my gratitude (and wonder) in advance,


    Hi MJ&me

    Unfortunatly all of my pics from tinypic are now gone.

    What are you working on?

    Are use the magic butter machine to make Tincture use everclear then I was told I shouldn’t have I should’ve used iso Soon I have a huge jar of liquid how do I evaporate do you ever clear fastest way Hope you can help also hope you having a good day
    I made a still with some copper tubing and a Ball jar in almost boiling water, using 151 rum but couldn't get rid of the 49% stuff that is the rest of 151 rum. Still worked well though.
    sorry to see you are not around any more but i have your ebook thanks for your advice
    Thanks a lot brew, just the info i was looking for. The Doc replied "Later starts result in earlier finish in all cannabis strains." That is all haha I have heard he is a very reserved yet efficient dude. Makes complete, brief sense though. I plan on following this timeline you wrote up and I don't think it will require the full 5 weeks veg anyway as i live in an area where the days get shorter, quicker...can't wait to try this genetic.

    Btw, split personality...can't seperate the peddlers mind from the producers goal.

    Thanks again, Peace!
    Hey Falco & Ness (2 people or split personality?)

    Irainian Short Season is a quick flowering pheno of Endless Sky, I've never read that Endless Sky requires extended vegging ...

    June 1 - week 1: germ
    June 8 - week 2: first week of veg (5 weeks required)
    July 14 - week 6: trainsition to flower
    Aug 31 - week 12: 6 weeks of flower, ready to harvest

    That's how I think the growing will go, though the strain may not take a full 5 weeks to veg and will go into flower as soon as it's sexually mature (assuming you're in the right photoperiod, which you should be).

    The Doc will get back to you with the correct answers, but that time line looks reasonable.

    good luck!


    Yo Hobbes,

    Fairly new here, maybe you can help me out. Ive been searching for info on Dr. Greenthumbs I S S and saw your posts. If I get em before the beginning of June, germ and veg in same - organic - soil mix outdoors shortly after the start of June, would harvest time still be August? I live in an area where last frost is May 26-27. Emailed Dr. Greenthumb, but no reply yet. Thanks, I appreciate your help.
    Hey Hobbes,
    Why does pick and mix make you order like 28 seeds to even ship it to you? I was wanting to get like 2-4 Mr. Nice Dreamtime seeds as an experiment for me a first time grower, but it will not let me get the seeds shipped to me. any suggestions?
    Hey Nike

    Attitude is as legit as a seedbank is going to get, and yes they do deliver to the US. I can't recomend them high enough. Check out the feminized single seeds, a cheap way to try a bunch of strains.

    I used the Gauranteed Track and Trace delivery with a T-shirt. No way for customs to know there are seeds inside. Use an alias and drop box anyway. Prepaid visa and you'll get your seeds in 2 weeks, knowing where they are all the time with track and trace.

    Good luck and have fun!


    by the way, i'm growing out big laughing,(thanks for the info on strain), haze and new purple power from nirvana, and currently germinating satori from mandala seeds and t.n.r. from k.c. brains.will give an update in coming weeks.all outdoors.peace out and smoke out!
    was just a bit curious. you seem to be an intelligent and informative person.i grow outdoors but dabble indoors also.but basically outdooors. living on kauai with all this beautiful micro climates, you would be crazy not to take advantage of it.anyways, like your style and demeanor. keep it irie!!!keep in touch man, and think we could be of some use to eachother.aloha!
    Hey Stanky

    The NL from peak is not cured very well yet, I've been roasting and vaporizing mostly. I still have the bottom 12" of the plant to harvest, I've got it under UVB now.

    Its a very mellow high that will eat up hours if you sit down to watch the TV and the people on the TV. Mild pine taste, not sickening like another NL strain I had. Very content, relaxed, all is well with the world and what channel are the Star Trek reruns on kind of stone.

    Easy plant to grow, very compact and high yielding. Big nug buds, rock solid. Taking care of it was an afterthought with the other plants needing a bit more attention and it was still the healthiest most robust plant I had (Blueberry, Strawberry Cough, SkunkBerry, Northern Berry, Northern Lights - I had a kush by Greenthumb that was just as good but in a different, more relaxed, kind of way.

    Hope my ramblings help!


    Hey Hobbes you said you grow Northern Lights from Peak seeds. How would you rate the high compared to some other stuff you toked? I was looking for the authentic NL to grow, somthing with a real tingly body buzz to it.
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