Instant Pot Tincture....

greg nr

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So I found a recipe on the intertubes to make cannabutter in an instant pot and thought I'd give it a try for tincture. My wife recently made vanilla extract in the instant pot using vodka and didn't blow the place up so I decided to try it with everclear. ;)

First, the decarb. I put 14 gm's in a mason jar and screwed a lid on finger tight. I put it on the trivet in the instant pot and added enough water so it was above the level of the ground weed but didn't cause the jar to float. I used a 1 pint jar because the quart didn't look like it would fit with the cover on.

I ran it on high pressure for 40 minutes, did a quick release and let it cool for a bit.

Then I added a cup and a half of everclear, resealed the jar, and cooked it on high for 20 minutes, and left it on keep warm for another 40 minutes. No pressure release.

Some of the alcohol did seem to be gone from the jar, but it seems like it extracted fine. When I finally get around to straining the flower out, I'll see how much alcohol I'm left with and add some back to get to about 100 mg/Tbs.

The best part. No smell. ;) And it didn't take weeks.

Anyone try this before?


Made my tincture last year, did a 3 day freezer, w shaking few times a day..w everclear, but never thought of using the instapot. I may try doing it this way later this year. Thanks for the info

greg nr

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After filtering and squeeze, ended up losing about 4 oz's of alcohol. Not bad. Especially if you like it a bit on the strong side per ml. But I added some back to keep the dosing lower.

I haven't found an extraction rate for ethanol anywhere. For butter/oil, I use 50%, but ethanol is higher. I used 70% in my calc's but I don't really know. Of course, I don't know the % THC of my flowers either, so I just use an average of 17%.

So by rusty numbers, 14 gm's @ 17% is ~2400 mg raw thc. Multiply that by the extraction rate and I should have ~1600 mg in my tincture. If I have 1.5 cups, or 24 Tbs, it should be about 70 mg / Tbs. So about 23 mg/tsp. A reasonable dose for me. We will see.

It's just a relative number for me so I know how to dose it. 100 mg will send me on a long journey with no hope of being able to walk. I'm more of a happy stroller type of doser. ;)


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Hey man,

Thanks for posting.

This is exactly what i've been trying to figure out. I'd like to make candies & butter isn't called for, I DO have an instant pot, don't have the "magic butter machine".

I did make an every clear extract before & let it sit for months (post decarb) but it was just odd.

Been watching the diamond delight edibles lady on YT - She chucked her alcohol herb mixture right into the Magic Butter machine.

I guess you would boil down the extract later & add it to candy recipes? Not sure what went wrong last time....

Thanks again for sharing mate