Is it easy getting weed in the Hilo area?

Is the Big Island pot-friendly

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Non legal/non MM. Is it legal, safe, easy. Is the Big island MJ friendly?
I went to webehigh but they never update that site. Even after they got a new one.


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Yea the big island is flooded with marijuana. One can easily obtain some. However whether u have ur medical mj card or not buying marijuana is illegal by hawaii state and federal law... there is no legal way established to obtain medical marijuana in hawaii.... dont make any sense but thats how it is until hawaii approves dispensaries.


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Sho 'nuff. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I used to get emails letting me know that someone replied to my posts, not sure what happened to that. Yeah Bro I'm from Toms River. Born and Raised. I lived on Big I for a year, Molokai'i for a year, and Maui for 3. Dream of it every day. I'm headed straight back after the sad day that my folks fly away.


you don't wanna wander into puna lookin for bud if your a white guy from jersey... lols... you could find it anywhere, like killaz said, its flooded here~


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Just take a drive down to pohoiki sum one will hook u up if ur not too obvious...

Ya, second what Dr Green said:weed:


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If I'm on vacation on Hawaii is it unlegal smoke on the beach? What kind of problems can I have?
From what I understand county ordinance says police can cite u for smoking cigarettes at the beach even the electronic kine...more peeps smoke the paka than cigarettes anyways down there. Ahh there's nothin like a joint and coco milk after a session