Is it possible to affect genetics in autoflowers?

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    Some strains are simply unstable / more random than others.

    I'll start my explanation with a little rant :)
    I have a Devon Rex cat. He is white all over except his nose, paws, and ears. His mum is brown all over, his dad is 2 shades of brown. All siblings look just like his parents. His inexplicable colour and patterns come from latent genes past down from his grand parents or even great grand parents.

    So back to plants: same thing can happen. Sometimes a strain is the first generation of 2 different strains crossed, so in one batch of seeds there can be numerous different combinations of both of those parents. Maybe some will turn out just like the mum, sometimes others may be just like the day, others again may be something right down the middle. Etc.
    But.... how stable are said parents? Were they first generation crosses in themselves? If so, it's not really Plant 1 x Plant 2, it's P1 x P2 x P3 x P4, so possibly every combination of those plants expressed between one batch of seeds.
    Going back to the cat example, maybe while the mum cat was brown, perhaps she was the odd one out in her own litter and her siblings were white... I don't actually know the answer to flesh out this example more, but yeah just consider that example :)

    Last, I'll give the example of Sensi Seeds Ruderalis Skunk. In the product description, it says only 50% of plants will be auto, with the rest responding to photo period. So just as different strains can have a variety of parent traits between seeds, such as height, smell, etc, for auto's it can also be a mix of if it really is an auto or not. A first generation cross between a photoperiod and an Auto will likely produce a very mixed batch where you won't know if it's auto or not from seed to seed.

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    please provide some evidence to back up this statement. Topping doesnt change the sex of a plant. ever.

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    Can't topping induce stress and stress induce hermaphrodite?

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    i highly doubt topping could stress a plant that much. topping is hardly stressful at all, and usually its light related stress that will cause a hermie. induce is a bad word, as a true female plant is unlikely to hermie even if subjected to stress, whilst a plant which was already predisposed to it by carrying the trait will hermie with just a slight bit of stress. good genetics often dont hermie.


    Id also like to add, I top almost every one of my plants multiple times and Ive never had a hermie yet *knocks on wood* I dont top my autos because itd be silly to cut growth off when I cant give it time to regrow, so instead I bend and tie them. On the other hand all of my photo plants have been topped a bunch of times, since I need to keep my plants short, and I train them after all the topping to get a bunch of nice short tops. Heres a og kush auto I tied down the main stem on once, no other training was done to it.
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