Jack hammer hash coffee

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    I'm in a foreign country, I bought about six grams of hash, I don't have a pipe; What do I do with the hash? I make about five cups of hash coffee; Am I stoned out of my mind on about three grams of hash now? Fuck yeah now lets get cooking!

    1.Jack hammer hash coffee
    -half a gram of hash
    -Nutella (Not optional, I don't know what kind of soulless world you live in but one without Nutella is one that shouldnt exist)
    -cream (for fat)
    - two spoons

    Step one:
    Take the hash and put it between the two spoons press down on the top spoon slowly and grind the spoons up against one another to make the hash into a powder
    Step two:
    Make the fucking coffee and add a spoon full of Nutella, mix it in, and then add the hash and mix it, also add cream; done

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