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    water it in
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    Hahahaha!!!! You were so sweet man!
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    Gonna order some Jacks Citrus asap!
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    I just recently switched to the citrus feed. I've been using the dynamic duo for 5 years now. Are there any other additives I will need with the citrus feed. My best results were with half strength bloom booster and half strength beastie bloomz. I thought about trying that out with the citrus feed. I never use any cal-mag, but maybe I should. I'll probably add .25 teaspoon of Epsom salt to each gallon of nutes every feeding.
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    Your results look amazing. You say good but I'm thinking damn!! What would make your results great?
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    So I have been using Jacks citrus in Hempy buckets at 3g/gal ph 5.8. Water is ~3/4 RO to 1/4 very hard well water to make ~120 ppm. My bluelab meter does not seem very accurate down low but usually end up around 420.

    I just got a lb of Potassium Sulfate and want to mix that in. For some reason shipping from Jacks was way too high so just bought another 3lb citrus and got the Potassium Sulfate from AlphaChemicals.

    Can anyone tell me about how much Potassium Sulfate to mix per gallon? I am now well into flower (4-5 weeks).

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    ="QualityCoffee, post: 13476781, member: 917672"]1) Do you use potassium sulfate with the Jacks aqua gold finisher (if so how much per gal) or do you just use the aqua gold finisher by itself.

    Yes and it varies. I also use Jack's Citrus and several other sulfates.

    2) Newbie question here, what is the difference between mono potassium phosphate and potassium sulfate (for bloom).

    Google is your friend but the whole bloom booster thing is nothing I do

    I find it interesting you state potassium sulfate increases potency, I always thought it was genetics but I'm taking notes.

    Tis all about the sulfur, effects vary with spectrum used

    p.s. just bought the aquagold. Shipping was a a lot but still under $70 well worth it for specialty made product. Hard to find online as well, think only one site has it.
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    I have been lurking for years learning. I stumbled on the thread and surprised I have not seen it before. I'm just a hobby gardener and love and hate the challenges. A few years back I seen a post from rm3. I was struggling but not willing to quit. He said one day to another poster who was arguing....don't believe me try it. I thought to myself I will. He buries info in many different threads making people work todo get the info. I did all the reading and copied everything but the t5 light set up.

    I used the peat, jacks, and made it rain. Did everything step by step. I'm convinced the reading of plants is allabout experience and I'm trying to do that too. I grow the same strain because I love it. Doing that was a great way to judge progress. And wow it was progress. I have 3 or 4 grows using his system and I say it too. Try it then argue.

    Since then I upgraded fans, hps light, got temp dialed in, rh perfect and much more. I was at the hydro store and an old dude working talked me into dyna grow products. I ran same strain and same everything but the feed. Wow what a waste. My smoke was good with dyna grow but a big noticeable difference in taste, and length of high.

    Needless to say I am back on rm3 train. I know I don't grow 10 20 or in some guys cases rooms full of plants. My couple at a time allowed me to really watch and take notes. And the notes don't lie andI I am sold.

    Rm3 I owe you brother. You should write a book. Please pm me if you have links to other info or if you do write a book.
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    Maybe you could read an actual cultivation book. I have read all of his "books" on his site. They are just like his threads here. He makes up all of his info and pretends science and accepted study is wrong.

    Ask him to take a picture of whole plants instead of cropped micro pics. Scrawny and leafy.

    And we have all smoked his supposedly amazing pot now. Not too amazing.

    But believe a stranger who posts on the internet instead of a botanist. Doesn't it make sense that we all have it wrong including the best breeders and book writers. And @RM3 has it right.

    He is only an internet expert. And a salesman for his own agenda.

    Listening to his websites direction this year has cost me 20% of my meds. And my potency is better if I ignore every tip pretty much.

    Especially adding bloom boosters. Which he does too much and needs to leach his pots every time. Then makes up a name to pretend it's a technique. He calls it make it rain and it stunts plant growth.

    Oh and he pretends that his potassium additive chemical is not a booster. not sure what he thinks a bloom boost is. But it has always been potassium.

    I am sorry I started to believe him for a minute too. His website info wasted a lot of my time.

    How can someone have the best pot in the world and need us to make donations so he can keep his house. Or to start his Chinese made light business.

    I don't have the best pot in the world. But it bought me my house.

    He does write pretty well sometimes though. Not a skill necessary to grow pot though.
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    So basically you use Jack's and just add Potassium Sulfate 0-0-53 in as you think it is needed?

    Would this mean that jacks lacks Potassium Sulfate 0-0-53 probably for a reason.

    And mono potassium phosphate has to much P. When I google it most people say that the mono potassium phosphate is a good bloom booster which is why I was curious to hear your view.

    You seem to like Potassium Sulfate 0-0-53 is that only because of potency increase... meaning one would have to wait until end to see if results were there.

    I was hoping the aquagold finisher would be complete but if adding 0-0-53 adds improvement that seems a easy thing to do.
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    Jacks fertilizer does not recommend this addition for marijuana. They spent a lot of time and money making the pot fertilizer proper. Why would it need an additive? It is already a bloom finisher.

    Common sense gives much better results.

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    i grow in rockwool cubes, on a 4ftx6ft flood n drain table.. been using gh maxi for years but just heard about jacks and ordered.. i was told 1/4 tsp of jacks classic citrus 20-10-20 for veg,, then in bloom to use 1/4 tsp of jacks classic citrus 20-10-20 and 1/4 tsp of potassium sulfate... just to be sure is this correct??
    not sure if jacks is ph buffered so after mixing ill check ph and adjust it to 5.6-6.0 using either ph down or silica for ph up..

    again i just want to be sure this is wright,, i dont want to fuck up,, this is my first time using jacks..
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    I used 1/4 to 1/2 depending on what the plant needs of citrus. I also used protekt in veg. In flower I used almost a full tspn and 1/4 of potassium sulfate. I too ordered aqua gold but won't be using it till next grow next winter. When I started following rm3 he wasn't using the gold. Just citrus front start to finish with a few add ons in the soil. I started with peat but now use sunshine 4 because a bale lasts me over a year. I did grow a bag seed last year that got burnt with a tspn of citrus in flower. This is where rm3 will say read your plants and they will tell you what they want. Trust me I searched for exacts he uses and he said up to and above a tspn is what he uses.

    He's a smart guy for offering a pay to learn way of growing. I will be signing up. Only wish I knew about this a long time ago.
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    Jacks has a hydro formula with separate calcium nitrate for your system.
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    Maxwell's Fluff

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    Ok well ignoring the past few post getting off topic, I've used jacks tomato feed for about 3 months before getting aquagold. I didn't want to ship 26lbs internationally, and a friend sent me some eventually. Tomato feed works, don't get me wrong, but I had time to do one grow with it before switching, and same plants in same environment, soil, cure, etc were better with AG. Not night and day, but everyone who tried both preferred the AG fed plants.

    Theshepheard Member

    Doesn't anyone monitor these convos? Can't this guy be removed? I know I'm new but holy shit.

    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    please stop bickering,, to each his own,, we are all growers,,all have different prefrences and so on,,lets get back on the topic of jacks please...
    again is jacks ph buffered???
    i looked at the jacks hydroponic 5-12-26 but there are others.. my question is,, is there a jacks that works by itself w/ out ading potassium or anything else?? there are so many,, 20-20-20,, 20-10-20-, blossom is 10-30-20, another hydro thats 5-50-18,, and many more... has anyone tried them all?? which is best and easiest to use for mj in rockwool hydro"?? also can i go by tea spoon measurments? or do you have to weigh it?? at 1/4 tsp per gallon in a 50 gallon rez can i just mix 4 table spoons in a 5 gallon bucket,, then pour into the rez and top it with 45 gallons of water???
    just wondering what jacks each of u has tried w/ success???

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    i know this is a Jack's thread but DG Foliage Pro works great and is just as simple and probably almost as cheap. somewhere b/t 2 to 5mL per gallon. done. pH is very stable.

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    Yes we do but the forum is huge
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