Lazy Man's Way to Cleaner Hydroponic Cannabis

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    guardiangk Well-Known Member

    @weedemart As I said on page 1 of this thread.....


    Douglas.Curtis Well-Known Member

    Yeah, my pics suck, no frost, look all dark and nasty.
    Just no idea what clean cannabis is, huh. Why am I not surprised?
    I said researchers use bottled nutes, not commercial. I said commercial growers don't dump reservoirs very often.

    What thread were YOU reading?

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    that's what you wrote.

    why don't you do us all a favor. get your weed analysed and show us what "clean" cannabis is.

    and yeah, that pic wasnt' too impressive for a 15 yr grower.
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    Douglas.Curtis Well-Known Member

    Yeah, did YOU read the link? It's not about commercial growers, that's for sure.
    Again, this info was in the thread. Yep.
    You obviously haven't tried it. I know what cash cropper cannabis looks like, it's everywhere.
    This is not cash cropper cannabis. This is amazing, in construction, flavor, aroma and potency. ;)

    When someone hands me cannabis with quality of obvious superiority to mine, I'll definitely be listening to what they have to say.
    Gary Goodson

    Gary Goodson Well-Known Member

    Lmao! You are delusional man. That shit looks like ok weed. Look at all the white hairs... smh you need to get out and of the house more often.

    If you wont take anyone's advice, please take mine. You come off as a prick, so you might want to tone that down. You need to remember that everyone on this site grows. This isn't your neighborhood where a few idiots might be growing so you get to stand out. Sure, there are idiots on this site as well, but there are a lot of really good growers here too.

    I grow both hydro dwc and organic water only soil and there is nothing that you've posted that has taught me anything. I'm just being honest. You just talk a lot of bullshit and think your weed is better than some weed you never tried. Do you see how stupid that makes you look?

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    my last grow. it's clean and it's fantastic!

    weedemart Well-Known Member

    Who said extra clean cannabis?
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    evergreengardener Well-Known Member

    Yea that nugget shot looks like 3rd shelf bud to me not what I call quality man looks like something I would a smoked in high school haha haha I do believe I've seen pics of Mexican weed that looked better than that nug. After reading this whole thread I say to the op you've got way more learning to do about this plant and if you haven't had any better bud than that in 8 years I feel sorry for you because the pics you posted are not top shelf nugs plain and simple
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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    i think he said he's in Fairplay. that's A+++ in that shithole of a town. C minus in civilized Colorado. lol

    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    anything is easy when your use to doing it and practices have become a matter of habit but the more complicated a thing is the harder it is to do right and the more things there are to go wrong. since Murphy loves hanging around me I prefer to keep things a simple as possible
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    Douglas.Curtis Well-Known Member

    Yeah, white hairs at 5% amber. Can YOU do that? Lemme see?

    This is a thread about proper reservoir management and how easy hydro is. What advice do you see me not taking here, according to this grow method? That I should use tap water? That I should keep a steady pH and grow shit?

    You obviously missed how many areas I've been and how long I've been sampling dispensary and street cannabis. I'm not some kid in a tiny town, growing a couple sick plants in the closet. lol Yes, I have an attitude, I'm subjected to low quality cannabis all the time. Cannabis grown by the standard methods pushed on all the growing sites. Yep.

    I've always stated I'm looking for superior quality, and that I know it exists. Hell, I had some for a few weeks in 2008, was GREAT! Beat the shit out of anything I'd grown and sourced to date. I grow nearly the same quality now, just trying to bring that to the general table.

    Nice you didn't learn anything. Keep your bud out of my bowl, thanks. ;)
    (edit: that's the last ignorant reply of yours I'll respond to. The intelligent growers here understand me already.)
    Gary Goodson

    Gary Goodson Well-Known Member

    See, you're an idiot. Tell me about my weed please sir. But I warning you, you're going to end up looking stupid.
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    Douglas.Curtis Well-Known Member

    Let me see, white hairs on 5% amber bud. That's all. You made a crack about white hairs and nearly every photo I see of folks bud, it's all dark. Mine are usually quite colorful and light to white.

    Go find another photo of Twister with white hairs.

    Douglas.Curtis Well-Known Member

    This thread is really for questions about the hydro method.

    Have questions about it you'd like answered, so you can understand it better? Go for it. Have immature crap you want to fluff up the thread with? Leave it at home, thanks.
    Gary Goodson

    Gary Goodson Well-Known Member

    Wrong again man. You're the one being immature by thinking you are the best grower and your way is the only way. You even said you wouldn't smoke my weed with out knowing one thing about the way I grow. That tells me and everyone else on RIU how full of shit you are.

    Douglas.Curtis Well-Known Member

    See, more crap. Still saying I'm claiming to be the best. *sigh*

    Come up with a real question and I'll answer it, gladly.
    Gary Goodson

    Gary Goodson Well-Known Member

    What makes you think you're qualified to give me advice?

    Know your roll. Don't get mad because you're just an average grower.

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    i want to know what the threshold is for dirty vs clean cannabis. help me out , mr fairplay
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    Gary Goodson

    Gary Goodson Well-Known Member

    Does this guy really believe that water only 100% organic is dirty weed? Hydrogaurd is dirty too? Wtf is wrong with this guy.

    Douglas.Curtis Well-Known Member

    That's a good question. One that, apparently, has not been quantified yet.

    I have my own guidelines though.

    * Extremely lightweight ash, less than 1/3rd the volume of a tightly packed bowl should remain. This is without touching the ash or packing it down.
    * Virtually zero "burnt matter" taste in the cannabis
    * Zero nutrient taste when burned
    * Zero crackling or sparking
    * Zero cherrying. Meaning it goes out on its own when not being toked on.
    * Extremely low heat ash. You can put your thumb over a freshly toked bowl and not burn it or even singe it, just get warm to almost hot.

    Whatever that ends up testing out at, I'll let people know.

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