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Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by project fuoro, Sep 11, 2009.


    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Not to seem like a retard. But, it sounds like you're saying that 200~250w is about what I need?

    If that's the case. Am I still better off going the 400w unit and just turning it down. Or running the 200w at capacity?

    I'm new to growing. And never thought I'd even use led technology to grow with.

    frica Well-Known Member

    2 by 2 feet.

    Or really just 2 square feet?

    35-50 watt for every square feet.
    So 70-100 watt, if it's just 2 square feet.

    You should turn both down anyway, 200w would probably already be too much for that little space.

    You could also get something from another vendor.
    Is a great light. (Also has to be turned down, if really just 2 square feet)

    Shame it's out of stock because this light would have been ideal for such a small space.
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Its a 2 foot by 2 foot base. With 5.5 feet of height.

    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    SunCloak image.jpg Amare image.jpg
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    frica Well-Known Member

    That's 4 square feet. (2*2)
    So 150 watt is great.

    With 200 watt you should still dim it a bit during vegging.
    (also goes for the one I linked from Northern growlights)

    Alternatively this would be really good for your space too.
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    DesertHydro Well-Known Member

    i would always go overkill if its in the budget. you can always raise the lights for better coverage or dim them down. plus if you get a little bigger space eventually it will help bridge the gap and not feel so antiquated.
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    lex660nm Active Member

    me too, overkill and extra co2, also i use AN b-52 and rhinoskin to combat heatstresses and other stressors that may occur plus stretch is shortened With Shorter internodal distance :)

    happy newyear

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    My Photon 180 would kill 4 sq ft and provide even, intense light with a great spectrum! I have a citizen 3500k 90cri. Love the boost in reds spectral wise. Getting great frost under this light with strains I've had for 5 years. I think the new Veros have a similar shift. I've been using LEDs and COBs for a while now and did not expect the heavier trichs still, but that has been consistent.

    Quantum boards would be awesome in that area. Maybe awesomer even!
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    lex660nm Active Member


    and ALOT of other brands would also do an amazing job, not just one brand or approach:)
    Gromax 3590B

    Gromax 3590B Active Member

    Happy new year to u all. I am boozed out with friends now but all the guys and girls in America yet have to start their party's. Have a good and safe yearchanging.
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    flodas Active Member

    Need some inputs on my light and space. I have recent bought and build a vero kit 400w from timber 100w on each cob.

    My grow room is 1.2 square meeters i have put the cobs in a square in with one cob in each corner. There is 16 inches betwen each cob and I run them without any reflectors or lenses for beter spread.

    Any improvments or inputs would be appreciated? / flodas

    goofy81 Well-Known Member

    Day 29 at the moment and I'm noticing trichomes on my leaves are like 10% Amber! Could the trichomes on leaves be more mature than the bud because they popped out earlier? Anyone experienced this before?
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    Malocan Well-Known Member

    im pretty sure, i saw that too on my leaves. I think this is normal but im not sure :/

    lex660nm Active Member

    i think so too, pretty normal that some buds gets amber before others so i think its logical too With leaves
    at least not any negative sign i can think of

    greg2k Member

    I've been looking and reading all over the internet for a couple of days now, and the results from these COB-lights look truly amazing!

    DIY definitely seems like the way to go if u want to get your money's worth, and so i've decided to build a light for myself!

    My budget is around $700 and i'm aiming for a 900 ppfd average, which should be doable, according to the COB calculator (if i managed to use it correctly...) Might aswell post the data i guess.
    COB calculator (open)

    Citizen.1812C4.3000K 8 COBS @1.05A ON 1.813 PROFILE HEATSINK
    Total power watts at the wall: 484.62
    Cobs power watts: 441
    Total voltage forward: 420
    Total lumens: 66150
    Total PAR watts assuming 10% loss: 182
    Total PPF: 884.52
    PPFD based on canopy area: 884.52
    PAR watts per sq.m.: 182.0
    Cob efficiency: 45.84%
    Power watts per sq.m.: 441.0
    Voltage forward per cob: 52.5
    Lumens per watt: 150.0
    Heatsink riser thickness / number of fins / fin's length: 0.3in/6/0.95in
    Heatsink area per inch: 100.94 cm^2
    Total heat watts: 239
    umol/s/W / CRI: 4.86 / 80CRI
    Heatsink length passive cooling @120cm^2/heatwatt: 284 inches
    Heatsink length active cooling @40cm^2/heatwatt: 95 inches
    COB cost dollar per PAR watt: $1.01
    Electric cost @12/12 in 30 days: $0.5
    Electric cost @18/6 in 30 days: $0.5
    Cost per cob: $22.93
    Heatsink cost per inch cut: $0.66
    Total cobs cost: $183
    Total heatsink passive cooling cost: $187
    Total heatsink active cooling cost: $62

    What design would give the most even light distribution across the canopy? Outer rows with 3 COBs and the center one with 2? Grow space for this light will be 3x3 foot / 90x90 cm.

    I've been contemplating a lot on how many cobs i need, what drivers, and so far i've come up with the following shopping cart on cobkits.com

    8 pcs Citizen CLU048-1818 80CRI
    2 pcs MeanWell HLG-185H-48A Driver (which would run the cobs at 55W each)
    8 pcs BJB holder for CLU048 series
    8 pcs LEDiL Angelina reflector for BJB Holder (Citizen CLU048 )
    8 pcs Arctic thermal pads for Citizen CLU048 series
    8 pcs 120mm Passive Pin-fin heatsink
    ~$520 + $110 shipping.

    Am i on the right track, or would you guys do it differently in a 3x3 space?

    /greg :p
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    JayY2015 Active Member

    hello guys I need a little help if I have two leds that equal 969 PPFD for a 4x4 what would it be if I put it on a light mover over a 4x6 area?

    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, looking to add a veg tent to go along with my 5x9 with 2 JGL Maximizers. Figured a 5x5 would be a good size. Just wondering what would be a good option from timber. Guessing a spectrum closer to 5k since it would be dedicated to veg. Interested in these Vero's they got but to be honest haven't looked up on the LED game since i bought the maxi's.

    Thanks in advance guys.


    lex660nm Active Member

    i think your spot on with outer 3 and center 2!but from what i know you can get more par pr watt and lumens with cxb 3070 topbins or 3590 or the new 200w max cxb topbin. and it should go with that budget too

    Seedman06 Member


    New grower here I have two 60*5 watt led panels(Apollo and Mars hydro mars300) approximately 270 true watts over a 2ftx3.5ftx 6ft tall space for flower.

    I have just started my grow and have my plants vegging. I was wondering if that would be adequate lighting for the space or if I would be better off using one of the led panels for vegetation/mother (2x2.5x4 ft tall space.) And picking up a mars reflector 96 or 144 to use for flower with the other 60*5 panel?
    Thanks for any advice!

    LSD-25 Well-Known Member

    That is what I am talking about MAN!!!! nice as hell... this is the kind of stuff that has me thinking about switching to LEDs.. see... I'm just getting back into growing and I am using ALL my old equipment. I even still use a 100 watt magnetic ballast for one of my lights... lol . I am thing about the Black Dog line of LEDs .. I saw a youtube video where it out performed a Kind LED.. lets rap.

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