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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    im thinking

    sensi seeds
    ace seeds
    mandala seeds
    Bodhi seeds
    home grown natural wonders maybe??

    I know these breeders throw stable genetics and breed regular seeds

    im not sure who else..........

    @Dr. Who
    any thoughts on the last few posts?
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    just cam out of the garden and totally bumbed about the sa x og#18... the couple I still have look stellar

    if someone wanted to hunt threw the hermies theres some nice plants in there
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Awwww shit hermies suck.
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    well it could have been worse

    it doesn't look to have thrown any pollen and Its isolated to the sa x og#18 seed (so far)

    the sa x LK I have several nice looking choices and the smell is just starting to come out
    got I think 7 girls and no issues with any of those

    one particular plant is standing out already in every way
    in veg shes crazy short and fat and stocky like an indica but in bloom she stretched out tall

    long colas string together with fewer fan leaves than the others but the fan leaves it does have are broad, the stems and branches medium thickness and turgid
    already looking frosty and touching her shes noticeably stickier than all the others and has already started to produce some real unique pungent odor that surprises me because It doesn't really resemble either parent in odor

    I cant yet describe it but I got a real good feeling about her based on what shes showing this early
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Been away from home for a cpl of days.....Read up.

    As far as genetics and and looking for fire. Buying from the good old guys. Really isn't going to bring in the type of thing, in a way, that your looking for. The bulk of the Attitude (used as an example of old school genetic's [yes they have now gotten some high end breeders - but the fire sells out in a day]) selection has been through how many generations from the first "true" release? Some of the best old school strains are now simply shells of what they used to be.
    Example: AK-47. It's just not like it's original release....

    The big reason I've moved on to cutting edge and boutique breeders. Hard for some to find but, worth the effort.....
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    what if im crossing some fire females back to the old school staples closely related to landraces?

    man id rather spend money on 1 set of amazing seed (for then spend twice the time and money searching for one and to only end up with hermie issues

    so I hear what your saying about the boutique guys

    its just hard to know wether your spending $500 on more junk just with a higher price tag
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    I grew the ak47 over a decade ago

    ended up with tall huge yielding sativa leaning plants that took 11 weeks to finish but it was worth it in yields

    then I grew it again 5 years later.... shorter and more indica

    neither time did it have any flavor to speak of

    im4satori Well-Known Member


    some how I missed that in our last conversation

    seeds here now

    didn't realize what "seeds here now" meant lol

    ok..im on the hunt you rascally rabbits..be back when I find some of the at fire you mentioned before
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    ethos seeds sound great

    gotta do some searching and see if I can find some grow examples and find out if theres any major hermie issues

    the price isn't overwhelming and the descriptions are good

    qutro kush and the mountain caught my eye and a few others, good selection

    also the rawtton sounds interesting

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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    I find more herm issues with old school strains. I would define this as the "good'ol boys" of breading....

    With that said, I still see some from length of time running vs. genetic, in new strains. I like to push a new strain out to see just when it's at the brink of falling off (knowledge is good).
    It should be noted that I've found most of these that actually do throw some odd "age" banana's. The viability of those nanners is very, very low (like <15%). On most older strains, they tend to be more viable....Just an observation.....

    Dropping 5 Ben's on a strain is not against my rules. I'm not to bully on trying for Clockwork orange's holy grail pheno. These beans are hard to pop properly and have a 1:200 ratio to hit that golden one. That's with S1's too..... I'm told the back cross one's (at better prices) are better, and have real good potency but, it's still too big a crapshoot for me to go on that pheno hunt again.

    tpc_mikey Well-Known Member

    Nah the taste is out of this world on the chocolate cream probably some of the best tasting i have ever had.
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    im4satori Well-Known Member


    I def got my eye on the top dawg, and ethos gear

    just laid down some seed

    some of this seed I purchased a long time ago and just never popped them

    mandala seeds

    Bodhi seeds
    goji og
    jabba stash
    dream lotus

    dr kripple
    incredible bulk

    bc bud

    my personal crosses
    satori f2 x dream lotus
    satori f2 x sour kush
    satori f2 x querkle
    dream lotus f2

    planning to keep a male plant from the goji, jabba, ganesh and purps

    next seed round
    bodhi sunshine dream
    face off bx2

    these I will be crossing to everything i have or get and inbreeding f2s

    the ganesh throws very healthy and stout plants, very short and smell like spices and pepper very hard nugs, the breeder describes it as chocolate

    the dream lotus female I have from a while back is likely the best smoke I have at the moment as far as overall quality but the plants thus far don't have great shape
    but it smells and taste killer and its very strong
    I put down 5 seeds last time and got 2 girls, the other one was airy so I kept the one with hard nugs...looking forward to seeing if I can find a better shaped pheno of this one
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    excited man

    today was like xmas morning lol

    I got my ordered seed

    archive faceoff bx2
    Bodhi sunshine dream

    ive got high hopes for these and look forward to the f2 offspring and crosses

    santa clause sent me a gift!!!!!!

    thanks santa
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    just a couple observations about the satori f2 male crosses

    sa x lk
    sa x hb
    sa x ogk#18

    some things Ive noticed

    the satori f2 male seems to throw offspring that has the satori structure and the mothers odor which is exactly what I was hoping for
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    im4satori Well-Known Member


    plants in veg

    left plant with zip ties is lemon og

    plants closest has three sa x lk plants in the 1 pot and two more in the rear pot that you cant see
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    im4satori Well-Known Member


    this picture has clones in the right rear
    clones include;
    lemon ogk (dna)
    dream lotus (Bodhi)
    querkle (tga)
    satori f2 x lemon ogk

    the three plants in front in #5 pots are gifted cuts and I cant wait until I can get clones from these....
    theyre just transplanted

    starting left to right

    platinum banana OG
    original blueberry

    the in the nursery flat theres several variety of seed
    some purchased and some of my own

    goji og( Bodhi)
    da purps (bcbd)
    jabbas stash (Bodhi)
    dream lotus (Bodhi)
    incredible bulk (dr krip)
    ganesh (mandala)
    dream lotus f2 (me)
    satori x dream lotus (me)
    satrori x DNA sour kush (me)
    satori x querkle

    you cant see it in the pic but those seed are sprouting
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    im4satori Well-Known Member


    to go into the next round of seed
    Bodhi blue sunshine
    archive face off og bx

    looking forward to finding some nice males in these packs to cross back to all the keepers
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    im4satori Well-Known Member


    dream lotus at 35 days into 12/12
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    im4satori Well-Known Member


    satori x lemon og kush (pheno #1) keeper

    close up
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    im4satori Well-Known Member


    satori f2 x lemon ogk group shot of several phenotype

    at 35 days
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