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    From what i see......i see both some light stress and calcium def...ill tell you why....the tops are definetly yellowing but the veins themselves are staying green. If the growth near the bottom of the plant is dark green and looks good its probably the light being to close. The spotting on the leaves looks like calcium deficiency as well. If it's about 2 weeks into flower then the light stress symptoms and calcium def is probably the cause. Don't ask me why but for some reason every time I see a post on light stress. It's the 2nd of week of flower when the tops and new bud leaves that grow start yellowing . Calcium and mag consumption also increases once you have started flowering . Good luck man
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    not flowering yet but soon gonna switch them over , its a afghan feminized , yes thats kinda what i was thinking to heat and maybe cal or mag def
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    you did mix in 25% perlite into that FFOF ...?

    most noobs with FFOF forget that

    besides in can be reused for 2-4 more grows

    you gotta ask how...?

    good luck

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    hey my name's nooblet
    lol ! i sure didnt add 25% perlite into it , had no idea !
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    There's perlite already mixed in but definetly not enough. I always do 70% FFOF. 20% perlite . 10% worm castings

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