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Amos Otis

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Lovely comment from Rickie Lee Jones;
Good bye Mac. I still remember the day we met. I was 23 years old. I saw you coming on La Brea Avenue, sauntering toward me in your full on Mojo protection clothes, with the snake head cane, beret, and patchouli oil, me in my beret, 40's dress and and red mules. we fell for each other, didnt we? Then you came to my dads for Mardi Gras Gumbo, you Tom Waits and chuck E. That first day, we went directly round back of A&M records, to a piano in a bungalow, and I sang Since I fell for You. and My Funny Valentine. (same thing i sang with James Booker two years later for WOZ first fund raiser. when i first moved to New Orleans you said.." go listen to James. he is the real shit." and that was how James and I became friends.) we drove around that summer in your station wagon. over the canyon, back over the canyon. then, ten years later you asked me to sing on your record, and we had a big hit together. You go now. I'll holla at you later.



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Brian Ferry from Roxy Music. A true legend and still touring although his tour dates were rescheduled due to covid and I don't see any US dates. I'll be disappointed if he doesn't cross the pond. Roxy Music was inducted into the RRHF last year.