looking for firsthand knowledge of 2 fast 2 vast

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    looking to hear anyones personal knowledge/ experience with heavyweights 2 fast 2 vast strain, this is the one they crossed vast and vast with a northern lights auto. how is it to grow? personal issues with the plant, and of course how does it smoke,lol. thank you
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    I would also like to hear people thoughts on the 2F2V by Heavyweight. It says on all write ups I have seen that it is roughly a 56 day, or 8 week strain - like it's predecessor the Fast & Vast, however I have seen some of the grows of the original F&V needing a week or two extra at like 10 weeks. In fact a lot of the write ups for Heavyweight autos say approx 8 weeks, wondered if anyone has experience of Heavyweight autos and the general lifespan of them?
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    fast and vast 2,it took me 9 weeks they are drying now and mine were roughly same size as fast and vast 1 i just need to wait to see what smoke is like.I def liked fast and vast 1 smoke so did all my mates

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    hi right little update,fast and vast 2 i have only smoked some dryed small bud but its a way nicer hit than fast and vast 1,im not sure in the texture of the buds though as the small buds are airy lol but the taste and smell is really good best auto for taste iv done

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    Just hit the flowering stage with 2 fast and vast. first time to grow autoflower. It has been a fun little plant to grow, i would say it is a great way for someone to learn a lot about cannabis growing. This plant is very strong and you can try new stuff and it will bounce right back. Just a word of warning if your grow room is in your main house she hates heat your house will raise and lower the temp. could slow the plant growth down. This plant is a really good way to test homemade organic fertilizers you see online. It grows fast so you can see if what you found works and if it does then take what you learned and try a photo period strain. I will keep this one in the line-up also i will update if it clones well and if i can slow the clones down and kick them out of the auto grow pattern.
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    I have 3 2 fast 2 vast growing in soil with AN pH perfect nutes. They are flowering very slowly. Much slower than other strains. Is this normal for the 2f2v?

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