Looking for Interesting Strains Locally


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Like the title says , I'm looking for specific cuttings here in the 207 to Breed with & I'm open to ideas on what to include in my Breeding project I'm doing this month & in future projects

This month I'll be starting a project to Reverse a Authentic Clone Only
Gorilla Glue #4

I'll be crossing her with
Cherry Pie (Bay Clone Only)
Blue Gelato Cookies (Clone only)
Goji OG
91' Chemdawg (Clone Only)

My Reversed version of DJ Shorts Grape Krush

& Hopefully 2 diff dank clone only cuts of
SweetTooth & white widow

I'll Also be saving Pollen from the GG#4 clone for future Breeding as I am vegging

Burmese Kush (fem)
Critical Dawg (fem)

Blueberry Headband (Unsexed)
Strawberry shortcake (Unsexed)
Blue Magoo (Unsexed)
Chiesel x C99 (Unsexed)
Landrace Afghan
Landrace Paki

Any input anyone ?