Looking for two testers for VS1000 LED Grow Light

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Hey friends,

We are going to find two testers for VS1000 Led Grow Light.
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  • The Latest LED Plant Light Technology - Using Samsung LM301H Diodes, super durable
  • Lower Cost & Higher Efficiency - High-energy efficiency for 2.75 umol/J only consumes 100W of electricity. More efficient than traditional HID lamps.
  • Dimmable Ballast - Allows adapting to the growing needs of the plants in different periods.
  • Sunlike Full-Spectrum Lighting - The VS1000 full-spectrum LED delivers optimal light-spectrum coverage—more power for your blooms and maximum PAR output at various distances, with super-bright lights that your plants will love
  • Low Noise - No grow light fan is needed for the VS1000 because of the unique design of the appearance from the power supply and ventilation holes. No fan means much lower noise.
  • Package included - 1*VS1000 Grow Light, 1*Grow Light Glasses, 1 Pair*VIVOSUN the US Patented Rope Hanger, 1*User Manual
  • VIVOSUN Warranty - VS1000 carries a 3-year Warranty, email your situation with your order number to [email protected]. Our customer service team are more than welcome to help you