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    My organic soil has low nitrogen and I don't know what to add to it. I ordered soybean meal, acid mix, all-purpose mix, vegan mix, bio-live, and bio-fish all from Down to Earth. I already have alfalfa meal, kelp meal, neem seed meal, worm castings and azomite. For aeration I have pumice and vermiculite, and rice hulls for the topsoil. My soil base is 85% spaghnum peat, and 15% coconut coir. I was trying to avoid animal byproducts. If there's any thoughts on what I could add to this soil to improve it that would be great. I have some CBD strains that are seedlings right now and I'm growing for medical purposes. Just trying to get my soil together before it comes time to transplant into bigger pots. Everything I'm using so far is organic stuff but I am a beginner looking for some guidance in organics. thanks everyone
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    Piss. Your pee is extremely high in nitrogen. I just dilute mine down four to one with water and there we go. I would still mix in some amendment for nitrogen, but odds are it will take some time to break down and become available for the plant.
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    Alfalfa meal is relatively high in nitrogen. Just make sure you let it "cook" a few weeks before using or you may have problems with PH fluctuation. It also works well in nutrient teas.

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    Urine is immediately available to the plant.
    If it IS a nitrogen def you'll see it bounce back in like a day or two, crazy fast, the fastest in fact.
    Just be SURE it is nitrogen def.
    you don't wanna add a bunch of soluble nitrogen to a soil mix that is having other maladies

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