Lsd25 deformation


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Hi, this is my lsd25 (Auto) seedling in coco and perilte mix.
fed on very light Canna coco nutiernts (slightly under what it says on bottle)
It only sprouted with one seedling leaf and now seems to be growing deformed.
As I know autos can be finiky when it comes to stress they don't do well. I've had them stay stunted and hermie before outdoors.
It seems to be growing fast enough (10days)
I was just wondering if it's got a chance to "grow out" of if, or if it's not worth the bother, TIA



I had a LSD25 plant so this recently as well. The plant was just a mess from birth. We kept it around for shits and giggles because the buds were so purple they were black. Nothing worthy to speak of, however I am going to try it again to make sure it wasn’t something I did ( which it probably was ).
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Anyone fancy chipping there two pence in? Still hasn't "grown out" the coco seems to be staying wet for ages also..
coco is supposed to stay wet all of the time, you should be feeding that plant at an EC of around 1.0 with a PH of 6.0 everyday until run off at this stage. Take my advice and your plant will explode with growth.