Making a Quantum Board with 75% 6500K and 25% 3500K LEDs - good or bad idea?


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Was thinking of customizing my board to have 75% 6500K and 25% 3500K LEDs (I grow only landrace equatorial sativas), to run for the entirety of the grow.

Good idea or bad idea? Just want to make sure before I spend money on two 240W LED QB's.

(Growing purely for effect, I don't mind smaller yields and less bag appeal, I heard higher K = better effect in landrace sativas).


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Thanks Vostok

Yourself personally, what Kelvin light mix do you use yourself, or find best for landrace sativas?
I prefer as much free sunlight as I can get... but this time of year its red ...too far red

with my sativas I like to grow big and at the warmest time of the year mid summer and eh outside too