Making fem seeds again. S1s & F1s. Come on in.


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Some nice CBD strains there. I just harvested S1s and two different F1 plants all of the same fem auto strain called Mazarilla by Urban legends. GG#4 auto x Mazar auto. Nice plants for growing outside up here in northern Alberta and will be growing some of my F1s and resexing a couple to make F2s to share with the breeder and use myself.

I have a good 20:1 indoor photo plant that was supposed to be an auto but grew outside 2 years ago as a photo. Got a cutting from that one that I'm still growing now with one flowering and 3 more in the veg tent as clones. An auto like her is what I'm hunting down now.

Those store bought STS sprays are pricey for what you get. I made my own silver nitrate and bought 500g of the sodium thio anhydrous so can make lots. I prep part A and B in brown glass 500ml bottles then use 37.5ml of each for each 500ml bottle to spray so I get 13 bottles/6.5L from each batch. The 8g coin I used for the silver nitrate got me 12g of it so I won't run out for ages and have a 2nd coin the same size I got at the thrift store for $10. About 80z of conc. nitric acid I've had for 30 years and was probably 30 years old when I got it but still nasty as hell. Total cost was $20 for the .9999 silver coin and $22 for the sodium thio but $69 for the shipping so $111Can for a lifetime supply or $14.95US. ;)

Gonna have to check out Fastbuds seeds and maybe do a little shopping.



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Well I almost gave up on this project. The spray was out long ago. Been checking and checking for flowers. Finally today I see a little something going on. Ran into my wife’s craft room to grab a piece of black vinyl she uses for her cricut crap. Placed it down there and gave it a little shake.


I dusted these two buds. All the same plant. 20:1.



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I DID NOT GIVE UP. I’ve had the hardest time seeding this girl. She flowered late. I dusted what I could late. Now I finally see seeds in there. The plant is still growing but looks like shit. This plant is only for S1 seeds.

Don’t judge!! Lmfao. Hey - it’s full of fem auto CBD seeds.:bigjoint:


I plucked a few tonight to see what’s happening. I like to see more dark stripes. I’ll give these a week and see it they germinate. The plant I will let grow another week then dry it. The best part is digging through the dry bud and hearing the seeds fall.