Making Tincture with Medshed - 2013 Recipe


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Hola Rollers! I have been refining this recipe over the last couple years and finally feel like I have it in "final" form.

Here is a little pictorial of how to make alcohol/glycerine tincture. Don't worry if you are on an alcohol-free diet, the alcohol is evaporated during the process.

Ingredients To Make 1 oz Tincture
6 g Bubble Hash (I use 73, or a mix of 73 and 25 micron)
Enough Everclear to cover the hash
1 oz Vegetable Glycerin

Dose per ml = ~100mg THC (assumes 50% THC of bubble hash)
Dose per drop = ~5mg THC

The photos below are from making a 3 ounce batch of tincture (18 grams of hash)

Break up/shred hash into small pieces


Put Hash and Everclear in 4 ounce canning jar


Shake/stir to break up some of the hash.


Place canning jar in small crockpot with water filled almost to rim of the canning jar

  • This creates a water bath
  • Put lid on canning jar but don't screw on, just set the lid on top

Put lid on crock, turn on crock and let cook until alcohol evaporates (about 3 hours)

  • You will be left with goo at the bottom of the jar


Let cool overnight then add glycerin to jar, heat crock and stir real well


Cook for 4 more hours, stirring a couple of times then strain through a permanent coffee filter


I like to let things sit for at least 12 hours at this stage to make sure all the goodness has been filtered through. You can press the goo in the coffee filter but it tends to push small chunks through the filter and decrease the tincture quality.


Transfer final product into a dropper bottle
This recipe can be increased/decreased to whatever volume of tincture you want to
make. Just adjust the ingredients proportionately.

I have done this recipe with dry ice hash as well but the strength
will be cut in about half. I also found the end product not to be as clean
as you get using bubble hash.