Malpropisms: What Have You Heard ..or Said?


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Not a true malapropism, but I thought it was fun:

My daughter was a toddler, just learning to talk; exploring all kinds of words and phrases - with mixed success.
We were in the back seat of my parent's car, on the way to a family function.
My mother was asking me about how quickly she was learning to speak, when I remembered something....
I waited for my opportunity, then saw a large 18-wheeler coming along side our car.
"Hey Bubba*, tell Grammy what that is." I whispered while pointing at the truck.
She got a big toddler smile and squealed from her car seat,

"Gammy gammy ---- FUCK! A big fuck. See the fuck??? Uh huh, fuck -- FUCK! I see a fuck!"

It was totally silent in the front of my parents car for a solid 10 count - pretty sure they wished they hadn't insisted on carpooling..... :bigjoint:
*not my daughter's name...

Just Be

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I recall hearing Butthead of Beavis and Butthead saying something to the effect of.. "Maybe we should notify next of skin" ..Scripted but still funny as hell.