Marijuana And It's Effect On The Prostate/Sexual Organs

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    Emin maybe u have an update for us?
    I have problems with my prostate, scrotum and all around since 3-4 months now.
    And smoking weed makes it really terrible...
    I smoked for 3 weeks and felt bad and then i quited it for 2,5 months and now i smoked for 3 days and it hurts same like 3 months ago while smoking and a few days after ...

    Fucking shit, i smoked the last five years my good mj and now i can't:cry::cry:

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    Hey dude so how's it going did you ever cure your epididimytis and how did you cure it and what happened with you and smoking pot thanks

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    So can update your case thanks

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    I have problems with that shit for 4-5 months now and i stopped smoking for 3 months...
    Before a few weeks I smoked and I had the same pain like I had it in the first days...
    At this 3 Months the pain was about 60% away.
    But if i smoke i can't relax my pelvic floor and i'm now tasting all things i can do that i can smoke weed and haven't any pain...
    Because of this fu***** shit I stayed in my bed for 3 MONTHS!!

    This thread helped me a lot with this information from Emin. Now i know what i have to do. The first 3-4 months i visited so many doctors (in Germany) and no one could help me!!
    The doctors in Germany don't know about the pelvic pain dysfunction and about weed and pelvic pain even less.

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    I made an account just to give you my experience with this. I've got 20 years dealing with what I call a prostate attack after smoking weed. I hope I say something that might help someone dealing with this problem.

    When I was 16 i used to smoke weed all day everyday with a group of friends. I had no side effects. Then I got into opiates. I still smoked but slowly got away. I ran into one of my friends and he asked if I wanted to smoke. This was probably after three months of no weed and doing opiates 3 to 4 times a week. I remember about half way in it felt like I had to pee really really bad. When into a bathroom but couldn't pee and I panicked. I drove home and asked my dad to take me to the ER after telling him what was going on. I remember getting a shot, a prescription, was finally able to pee, so they released me. Went to my Dad's regular Dr and they took blood, urine sample, and DRE. He said I had epididymitis. Was given an antibiotic and 800mg ibuprofen. I never asked if the weed could have caused it but in my mind it was the only logical answer. I soon found out, weed did it again, and I quit. I started doing opiates everyday for a few years and quit many times. I smoked weed maybe twice a year just to see if it would still cause it. Most times it did. Along with anxiety.

    The only times weed did not was when:
    -I was drinking alcohol which was not often.
    -I took a benzo.
    -I had 3 months clean time off opiates and it didn't do it.

    Fast forward five years and my junkie crap landed me in prison.

    After I got transferred to prison from jail my first cellmate asked if I liked to smoke and I said yes. I was scared that I was about to have a prostate attack on my first day in prison. He lit it and we smoked the small joint. I felt good, no prostate attack. That was my drug in prison along with the occasional opiate. I had no prostate attack in the four years while there.

    Now until I had the experience of smoking my first day in prison, I was thinking it was some part physical and some mental. But when my first cellmate lit that joint my heart rate skyrocketed just because I knew that if I had a prostate attack, I would be labeled weak, and in prison that's not good. So the mental aspect was definitely there and elevated. I had no attack. It caused me no anxiety either. Just a good buzz.

    Fast forward, after prison I was completely sober for many years, I got my crap together, even went back to school as a pipe welder. I got injured at work and was put on opiates. Maintained for a year. Soon an active addict again I went to a methadone clinic. My injuries have mostly healed and I'm ready to get off the methadone. It's hard. I got some weed to test the water. I got an eighth of some good green and some Xanax. I tested the weed to make sure I wasn't gonna have a prostate attack. I was good to go, no issues. So now I tapered to a low dose of methadone and started looking for some bud. Got a small joint, lit it, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Oh no. Prostate attack in progress. Pop a Xanax and got in the shower to let the warm water relax my muscles.

    Why would I be able to smoke before I lowered my methadone dose and get a prostate attack now? Thats what brought me to this thread.

    I know a benzo helps but I would rather use that for the withdrawal. If i have to take a benzo before I smoke I will, but don't want to. I can stop the methadone at home and weed was supposed to help that. The wife, kids, bills, job won't stop and wait for me to go into a treatment center. I want to do this at home while using vacation time at work.

    I will look into the pelvic floor issue. My insurance at work will pay for 10 visits of physical therapy and more if ordered by a dr.

    I've tried many things. More water, more fiber, exercise, prostate supplements. Hot shower. I don't know what else to do.

    I just wanted to give my history of prostate attack's. Just because it's doing it now doesn't mean it's gonna always be there. There is an underlying issue that's causing it. I encourage anyone else that's having this problem to share. Maybe we'll figure this out.

    Best wishes

    Underwater pipe welding on the 35th floor.

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    On continuing to drag this thread out of the nether regions, it's high up on google (1st page) for "prostatitis and cannabis" results. So thought i'd share my thoughts.

    I've had chronic prostatitis (CPPS is its new name) on and off for approximately 4 years, where I initially had a 8 month bout of it and tapered off and disappeared for over a year. My most recent bout has been going on for 18 months, and isn't something I would wish on my worst enemy. The odd thing is I cured myself after a trip to Florida for 7 days about 6 months ago, was fine for roughly 3-4 weeks and then flared up again unfortunately. But makes me wonder what the hell I was doing in Florida that had such a dramatic and profound improvement?

    Only been to the doctor once after around 6 months, who did a DRE (fun! :-|) noted that I had a slightly enlarged prostate and set me off on the usual antibiotic regiment. This gave me exactly 6 days of complete relief on the 6 week course (more anti inflammatory effect I think). Ever since I have had flare ups, disappears to 80% then straight back again. I'm unconcerned it's something of a 'lump' nature, as a lump would not allow me to piss like a 2 year old one day and then feel like im pissing through a hard on the next. Tumors don't just shrink, unless you purposely dehydrate them with particular chemicals which I certainly don't have access to, inflammation on the other hand does wax and wane... Frequency is up and down, need the loo constantly for a week, next week i'll be 'normal', every 4-5 hours or so. Urinary symptoms aside, the constant pain. Well I say pain but its like when you take a shit, just as it passes over the prostate where men get the saying 'nothing like a good shit'. I'm sure all you blokes can relate, it's that but a constant dull achiness to it that often sits directly in the gooch and radiates into the shitter, it can occasionally becoming a stinging sensation in my grown and go down into my legs and lower back, and a low gut ache. Oddly enough however it doesn't get me up at night, although I would normally go 8-9 hours during the day without going so put this up to an iron bladder / relaxation while in bed.

    I've tried all sorts, antibiotics, pain killers, antihistimines etc (Quercetin being the big one, DOES help, but not during a big flare up) but as of late have noticed that expecially when ripping a bong it can make me sore as hell. Other days not so much, but yesterday I was fine all day UNTIL i ripped a bong, was full on flare up mode then and sore as hell. I've recently started smoking bud again, the last 3 months or so as I had noticed the same thing before and quit. Oddly enough however, I've had to resort back to the street dealers for my stash as of late, as ran out of my own grow, and have a plant roughly a week out from harvest (plus drying + curing ofc) and this is where it's all gone insane again. My own stuff which only has some very select nutes (Cal-Mag + Bloom/Flower nutes) + a hot soil for veg after transplant (awesome stuff, but slightly nitrogen + manganese deficient which the Cal-Mag solves nicely) I source, doesn't really bring it out. I'm wondering if there is something that is used within the commercial ops that can trigger the inflammation as well? Or if its just strain dependant? Huge swaths of stuff on pesticides causing all sorts of human ailments.

    One thing this current stuff I have, is A. hasn't been dried out very well, B. hasn't been cured, C. plant clearly wasn't flushed as its harsh as hell. These 3 points, where effectively its not really smokable just yet (although some people don't flush, seems 50/50 but i've noticed that the smoke is never harsh if the plant has been flushed a week or two prior to harvest), i've seen many times around the net on growing tutorials. Those 3 are known to cause anxiety/paranoia and racing thoughts. A lot of the discussion on CPPS (or chronic prostatitis, they are unsure what to name it as medical literature is effectively useless for treating this lamentable condition), is around the muscles in the pelvis and being tensed involuntarily. I know when im ultra baked, I tense the hell out of my jaw and it makes my temples hurt, which is when I notice im doing it. Now I have noticed I do feel tense as fuck down there, and on my good days it feels notably relaxed. Is shitty commercial black market bud, which hasn't been grown properly, nor the plant loved and nurtured causing anxiety and as a direct result of some of us who like to hide our stress in our pelvis causing us to tense up downstairs over a long period of time (mostly as I spend a huge swath of my time stoned) and as a result cause constant muscle tension, inflammation and soreness?

    I'm going to be trying the muscle relaxation and exercises route as my next course of action, good luck to all that have CPPS hope you get rid of yours soon.

    I'm not blaming the bud at all, some of us are more prone to anxiety (i've had my fair share of panic attacks) and perhaps for us with CPPS its our natural defense mechanism to tense downstairs rather than shoulders and head like most of the population do. I love my bud, and don't intend to quit, but absolutely only intend to use my own grow from here on out. Will let you know on results.
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    Hey thanks to everyone for sharing all this....totally clicks with what’s been happening to me recently. I’ve been a regular smoker for 20-25 years (I’m 46) and never had any issues until about a year ago when I noticed that, only when I was high at night, I’d have the feeling that I needed to piss but it would take forever to come out. After a long wait however, i would eventually be able to relieve myself. This had never happened before and only happened when stoned. (by the way I have been regularly smoking anywhere from 3 to 8 joints every night, mixed with tobacco for at least 20 years) Fast forward to a month ago when I noticed I was peeing 2-3 times at night and having trouble peeing (I feel like I have to piss badly but nothing comes out...or just a few drops). I went to the doctor and explained my symptoms and immediately they checked my pee and Prostate size with an ultra sound. Pee test came back negative for bacteria and the ultrasound technician said my Prostate didn’t seem large at all. The doctor said my symptoms warranted using medicine and I was proscribed .2 of flomax. It worked and I was able to pee again. After about 10 days I stopped using the flomax and felt fine. I also slowed down my smoking a lot. Then about a week after quitting the flomax pill, I went to a friends house and had 2 or 3 spliffs. Went to bed and woke up at 3 am with a huge urge to pee but nothing came out. I’d lie down but the urge to pee was so great I couldn’t sleep. It was horrible. At 4 am I took the flomax on an empty stomach and within 30 min started experiencing serious side effects, throwing up, followed by blisters. But by 9-10 am I was able to finally pee again. The next morning I took the medication after eating breakfast and suddenly back pain (another known side effect). The next day it was increadble tooth pain. Then I found this and other info online that suggested it might be a pelvic floor issue instead of a prostate issue. I love to smoke and don’t want to quit but I’m scared that I’m going to end up being unable to pee again. Today I went to a muscle specialist (I live in japan and this guy is an acupuncturist and sports science doctor). He said all the muscles in my pelvis were tighter than normal and he worked on me for an hour. I feel great now but we’ll see about later! I’ll report back after more treatments.

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    Ok quick follow up... came home last night after a staying away from smoking for three days. During that time I did not take any flomax nor did I smoke weed. I didn’t have any trouble peeing either during that time. Last night I had a doctor work on my pelvic floor muscle and it should have been at least a little more relaxed than before. So anyways I felt great and I ended up rolling a few joints (spliffs) before going to bed. The next morning (today), I woke up at 8 and the urge to pee feeling had returned...I could pee but it felt like it stopped to early and I was back to the problem all over again. Now it’s 11:30am and I’ve been to the toilet 5-6 times and still I have a faint feeling that I have to still pee. In conclusion, I’m really sad to say that it appears there is a causal relationship between my symptoms and smoking weed. I do smoke spliffs (weed/tobacco mix), so that may be a factor but no one here has mentioned it as a possible cause yet. The fact that (1) early on, it only happened when was high and (2) it comes back when I smoke leaves me with the sad conclusion that it’s the evil weed doing me in .... :(

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    Maybe using one of these "squat toilet" could help
    or try the squat position when trying to pee.

    Matt Lockwood

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    I made an account on this forum specifically to post what I'm going through (I couldn't stop myself from tearing up after reading what everyone on here is experiencing) I'm not even aware if anyone will see this post but maybe in some way this will help me.
    Everyone seems to have similar experiences or difficulty giving up marijuana altogether but I've yet to come across my exact issue.
    I've been smoking weed recreationally since I was 15 (I'm 30 now) so I've spent half my life enjoying the mental benefits of this drug. I can say it's honestly helped me through a lot in my life, believe it or not, but only within the past year it's become a serious issue to my existence. It's gotten to the difficult point where I have to no longer smoke weed. if I do, no matter what the amount, I get the uncontrollable urge to urinate.
    This is a similar effect that many of you on here have experienced, but for the past year it has crippled my social life in a way I never imagined.

    If I'm going to express to you all my story then I need to tell you all what I think interfered with my ability to enjoy smoking weed. I've been smoking cigarettes since I was 18 and in my early 20's I tried to end my life by overdosing on pills (32 ibuprofen) and I remember hearing the doctor state I may come across kidney issues in the future.
    With all that said, whatever kidney issues I may be living with are unnoticed.

    To make it simple, any time I smoke weed, smoke shatter, eat edibles, literally anything weed related I experience a crippling effect that has me grabbing my penis in fear that I'm about to piss my pants and that effect lasts as long as I feel the high (2-3 hours) My genitals develop a numbing sensation like many on here have documented but it's to the point where I can't smoke it at all unless I'm comfortable with holding myself for several hours until I feel sober. I'd like to say I'm done with smoking weed but it's been such a comforting experience for half of my life that I can't honestly say that.

    I stopped smoking cigarettes a year ago and never intend to smoke again, but strangely enough I just can't say the same thing about weed, it may not have any addictive properties but I have a very addictive personality.

    So to sum all of this up; when I'm sober I psychically act as normal as anyone else. As soon as I smoke weed, no matter the quantity, I stand there and squirm and hold on to myself like I haven't taken a piss in a day. After I piss the urge doesn't go away and I can either continue to try and be social while looking like a perverted psychopath or isolate myself for several hours just to be offered the opportunity to do it all over again.
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    These people are the heavy smokers that didn't have a life before and won't still. Strictly because they both/either hate committing themselves to learning and/or HATE the fact something they do alot could be bad. Don't mind the zombie crowd.

    Anyways, yea I'm pretty sure I have the same thing and am going to try not smoking and no booty. Plenty of studies show that pot smoking has negative effect on reproduction. (Which is good for mindless stoners who can't use a search bar) but ill let you know if it helps. Thanks for posting.

    Oxford university and NCBI explains that we have delta9 receptors in our brain and testis. It states that delta9 changes hormones and also reduces cognitive ability (that's why some stoners on this forum keep saying dumb stuff) and reproductive abilities. Hope this helps.

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    Mental illness is common Booger. Many people suffer from it. and many of the symptoms are the things you deride them for.

    Tokyogabe New Member

    Hi everyone I’m back. I have pretty much stopped smoking weed. Maybe once every week or every two or three weeks I have one joint or two joints Max. That’s a big change from what used to be five or six sometimes 10 joints a day. Now my symptoms are completely cured… I no longer need to take medication. It’s sad but true.
    Booger barn

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    So in your perfect world you would tell them its ok to eat tide pouches? I don't care if your dumb or retarded people deserve the truth spoken. Mental illness is common. In glad you mentioned it. Now don't progress further deterioration and not say something. Show them the fact and let them decide how to react.
    Booger barn

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    Its all you can do really

    ANC Well-Known Member

    All people deserve to be treated with dignity, even arseholes and nutjobs. Even if they are too ill to act dignified themselves.
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    See I believe everyone can change. It just depends on there will as a person. I had add/adhd, depression, and opd which lead to major communication problems. I now don't test in for depression and add/adhd and I've controlled my opd. I believe that people should be told the truth not lied to or ignored till they die. If there incapable of changing then o well at least someone tried to get them to see the path there on. I don't think there arseholes or nutjobs and I do believe sometimes everyone needs to be smacked with a good dose of reality. Even me.

    I do like your concept of sticking up for the bullied but the only difference is a bully doesn't desire growth to the ones he picks on. However, that's all I hope for.
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    as far as the original point of this thread, i've used weed daily for 39 years, the only times i haven't smoked every day is when i couldn't get any.
    i'm as horny as a 3 peckered goat. i've got one legitimate kid, and who knows how many little bastards running around. if weed suppresses your sexual desire, its a good thing i smoke, or i'd be a rapist. as far as it effecting fertility, same thing, i'd probably have a dozen yard apes if it didn't.
    i may be an aberration....actually, i'm pretty sure i am....but the point is, blanket statements don't cover everyone, it may effect some people like that, but i can tell you from personal experience, it doesn't effect everyone like that
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    Some people die when they eat peanuts.
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