❤️Mars Hydro 420 giveaway+420 Sale!❤️(Save more with code ROLLITUP on www.mars-hydro.com )


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This is my latest journal and first time using 4x Mars Hidro SP3000 this lights are so powerful guys from
corner to corner you need to check the distance and power and how the strain handles the amount of light.

Robin Hood Seeds "Nanaz" - Mars Hydro SP3000 - Coco - Floraflex


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If you dont want to follow their rules, dont complain , move on
its their contest, keep our contest threads CLEAR for the actual people patriating and the advertiser not for your disgruntled behavior
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❤Mars Hydro 420 giveaway+420 Sale!❤
(Save more with code ROLLITUP on www.mars-hydro.com )

#MarsHydro420, Good Day, All Lovely RIU and Mars Hydro Growers !!!
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April is not only a good time to start planting but also a big promotion month- 420 sales!
So happy to see more and more growers use mars hydro products and receive a good response.Let's do a new Giveaway!
To welcome the arrival of April/May and the sale of 420! (start on April 18th):hug: :leaf: :hug: :leaf: :hug: :leaf: :bigjoint: :leaf: :bigjoint:

:weed:Duration: 4.12-5.20

2'x4' Grow Tent Kits with TSL2000 (picked randomly from all the Mars Hydro threads.)
Value $500.00 Mars Hydro Product (picked from the most views of the Mars Hydro threads. )
3. Bonus: During 4.18-4.24, Open the new thread "MarsHydro 420 sale is online on the official website: www.mars-hydro.com (Code: Rollitup)"
there will be a chance to get an extra gift(Grow bag/Seeding heat mat/$10-$30 Coupon).

✅Participate Rules(threads open during April-May is okay):
1) Like this post+Write Country. Winner only for US/UK/AU/DE/EU/CA
2) Open the new threads about Mars Hydro as below:
The title needs to include Mars Hydro and Mars Hydro model name,
The mars hydro items pictures need to show up in the thread, especially in the first post of the thread.
The thread contents relative to mars hydro ( direction: the record of the growth, flower, story, growing advice, tips, favorite planting photos,etc)
Update weekly
3) Please write your thread links when commenting on this post

Everyone actively opens the new thread relative to mars hydro. More join, more fun. Good luck! all will be good for us to apply for the better prize for the further giveaway. Peace love and happiness

What’s more! Everyone doesn't miss our 420 sales(start on April 18th), huge surprises are waiting for you, so stay tuned!
Good luck!, welcome to use Code ROLLITUP on mars hydro sites to do savings, Happy 420!

USA&Worldwide: https://mars-hydro.com
Canada: https://marshydroled.ca
Europe: https://marshydro.eu
UK: https://marshydroled.co.uk
Australia: https://marshydroau.com

PS: Friend reminder: The grower who has no mars hydro items how to join this giveaway?
The grower can check mars-hydro.com and select which item you want, eg the hope which mars hydro item for your plants and get what kind of growth result, or the hope which mars hydro item for your plants and gets what kind of growth result, or feel free to share your favorite planting photos in the thread and explain why it impressed you and #Marshydro420 )