Master Digital Timers

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    Anyone familiar with the various brands (Autopilot, GrowOp, Blueprint) of MDT's ??? I had a GrowOp one go out on me yesterday. Had it for awhile. Went and bought an Autopilot MDT today. Fired it up in my kitchen. Programmed it. Left it on. Took a nap. Patient came over to grab a sack...i showed her the new one. Turned it off...turned it back on...cycled through the "8" dealy...and like the "stuck" on the last 8. If any of you know of what i speak...please do. Very frustrating. Taking the Autopilot back to the store tomorrow...but like pH pens (been there done that) i dont wanna make 25 trips to the store with my stinger out...pissed off.

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