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as a 90s kid I never really got to toke on some premo Danks( parents weren't cool enough) a lover of all things nostalgic, what is your all time favorite authentic 90s strains , possibly lost in time or do you still grow them? what keeps that strain in your library ?


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I once had some very dark brown, very expensive weed that a guy called Thai stick. It had a distinct, dark, earthy flavor and knocked my dick in the dirt. But it was like 1982, so who the he'll knows what it really was....
Skunk #1 because in N. Cali. It was the shit for many years.
Sorry, this has nothing to do with medicinal use, I'm hjust stoned and reminiscing.


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I can't name my favorite marijuana varieties from the 90s, because I didn't know what marijuana was back then. Now my favorite variety is "Auto black opium", and I order it most often. I like almost all varieties, because in the store where I buy them, they are all the best quality. I use marijuana not for medical purposes, but just to relieve tension. Still, I am very happy with the fact that marijuana brings relief to someone with their illness. I am even more pleased that Canada has finally legalized marijuana and people can easily order marijuana, especially for medical purposes.

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The Blueberry you could get in the early 90s was superior to anything carrying that name today-probably the best example of a strain that wasn't properly maintained. AK-47 was awesome then and is awesome now, Kali Mist too-I always liked it better than Cindy 99. Honestly the best strains of the 90s are far better than all the cookies, cake, glue crosses that are popular today-the market today is much more homogeneous than it was then, a result of all the state by state legalization and medical laws leading to the corporatization of the cannabis industry.