Mega Crop 1 part start to finnish all in one nutriant

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    Don't forget that runoff is not accurate as a need to know at the moment the exact root ph.

    Slurry soil test or expensive meter is the only way.

    It is more effectively used to monitor trends. As the ppm of salts in the pots rise and build up the ph will show lower in the runoff even while plants are uptaking too much nutes and burning for example.

    This would mean root ph is in range as they are eating and that only the runoff with the extra dissolved salts is showing low ph.

    I read this tip on the pro mix (premier horticulture) website in the education section.

    So when I start to see high runoff they are likely eating what I fertilize and if it starts showing low I likely have salts building up.

    I have recently added lime to my soil but for the calcium not ph control. My well water has gone softer with the drought this summer. But pro mix also warns to check all batches for over liming. So I am careful not to add too much in addition to my water or I will have problems over time as the calcium builds up in the pot.

    I don't know where in all these articles and videos the lime one is but even though there is no cannabis info this site taught me many things.

    The most important being about alkalinity and fertilization.

    Sorry for the long post. I am high as a kite right now.

    But here is the link.
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    I tested the mix b4 i planted or put nutes into the mix...i had calcium problems on a couple strains which is why....didnt go overboard 8tbs per 16 gallons of mix....
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    I had to look up the conversion for cubic feet of soil. Lol

    Looks like I used about the same with my .2 water only now the calcium deficiency that started lightly in be seems to be gone. Flowering will tell the real result.

    Thanks for posting that info.

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    Report, only have used it for about 1 1/2 weeks and its scary good. If you could put Advanced, H&G, Cyco, Plagron with all the supplements in a one part dry form you have it here I think. Ive run said nutes and stayed with GH Maxi because of the dry form and doesn't go bad. MC is PH is stable and dissolves better than Maxi, if I add floro+ and rapid start to Maxi Mega Crop is cheaper and less mixing/measuring.

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    I appreciate your excitement. I really do. But you can't learn anything about the fertilizer in a couple of weeks.

    You have to run a whole cycle to see the plants needs through all the stages and watch how the salts build up over time.

    See if there are problems or deficiencies that arise.

    Also how it affects the mediums ph over time.

    It has way too much stuff added in my opinion. I expect it to clog roots easily despite the amino acid chelate. (Which I had never heard of or seen in any reputable university or horticultural study in my research.

    But I'm watching and listening and appreciate your work here.

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    I totally agree that this is premature, I've been growing indoor for 25 years not that it gives me any status lol. After using so many nute lines I'm really like this one. It mixes clean "no floaters" and the rez remains relatively clean over Maxi.

    The genetics I'm growing using it are not the greatest and that is on porpoise. I don't want to waste good genetics on something untested. It will be interesting to see how it does in flower.
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    You liking the mixability is why I ordered the sample.

    I am waiting to see how it goes man. It's your experience that makes me want to watch.

    I am honestly afraid to mess with new stuff. I have other stuff I haven't tried here. Easy Pistils powdered one part from ch9 seeds. But It has no calcium.

    And lately I seem to need more calcium.

    Sorry for the negativity. I am just skeptical.
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    Totally understand, Maxi has been my bar for a long time. There's a lot of lines out there that do as good but not better IMO
    My micro setup allows me to test this stuff out as I only run one or two plants scrog now days.
    My PPM in my tap is 50 and I have to use Calimagic when running Maxi. None so far with MC.

    Not trying to be a shill or fanboi for this product at all. If it does as good or better I'm in!
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    I sure don't think the last stuff you just said. I am truly interested.

    The 6% chealated calcium is why I was interested.

    I am in the belief that seaweed is a great additive for its micronutrients but not so much the other stuff.

    Especially silica if in soil or potting mix. I have never seen a need for that to be added.

    i can try it on a plant or two easily. I run a new plant every 10 days or so in a pot of ocean forest. They all get fertilized by week 3 in flower.
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    Subbed. My sample is on the way so I'm hoping to do a side by side with the latest additions to my tent if it gets here on time. I'll be keeping an eye on your report in the meantime.

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