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    I just started growing with nutes as opposed to living soils and ammended soils and all that organic. I just feel I wasn't taking the plants to their absolute best. nonetheless here I am using Botanicares kind line. I read good things about it and I bought a small sample pack and so far it's been good to me. I'm in my 3 week of bloom and I just started using their bloom enhancer hydroplex. but just last night I was gifted some additives from AN. Carbo load, bud candy, overdrive and b52.

    how and can i add these in anywhere? should I take hydroplex completely out the equation or use that and not all of these others. I don't really understand what the difference between all 5 of these. I'm not really sure what of the 4 would replace hydroplex..

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    I asked the same question the other day and didn;t get a whole lot of feedback but pretty much was said was probably should just finish it off with what your using no reason to complicate things this far into the grow

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    well I decided to use hydroplex at 3/4 strength or like 2ml/gal (bare minimum) dose throughout and start using bud candy and overdrive..
    Peter Vakomies

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    Additives are not plant food. Don't fall for them, there is no science behind any claims. At best you're feeding the microbes in the soil, but with what, and how is that improving plant health?

    Those products are loaded with preservatives; they couldn't exists without them. Methyl paraben, sodium benzoate and others including ascorbic acid. Ascorbate isn't bad on it's own, but combined with sodium benzoate it makes benzene.


    If you mix the product full of ascorbate with the one that's chok full of sodium benzoate in your reservoir, then you're making benzene. Those manufacturers know this too, and they don't report it on their labels. I know this because I worked for them.

    Some products have both ascorbate and sodium benzoate in them already, plus parabens. These are bottled preservatives, before they are anything else.

    When manufacturing those additives, the first ingredients mixed-in are the preservatives; it starts with a 10,000 liter tank of hot water and kilos of parabens and chemical preservatives go in first. The parabens are waxes, so they take alot of mixing in, and then the "food" ingredients are added after. I have stood there and watched it happen while I was employed at a "cannabis" fertilizer manufacturer, like the ones you mention.

    The preservatives are used in huge amounts, way more than in any human food product, because those bottles of crap wouldn't stay stable on shelves for months on end without them. Plus there are dyes and perfumes added ! If anyone tested those additives for the amounts of preservatives found in those bottles, it'll be in the full percentages, just like an N-P-K rating.

    B52 has urea in it, that's why is "works", but along with the preservatives it's not listed on the label . Urea is a super good source of NH4 nitrogen and any crop will green up in a day if you provide it with urea. But urea is not mentioned on B52's label.

    If you really want to add sugar to your plants' soil, just go buy some. Why buy carbo load? Same with the vitamins - go buy a B-complex pill and add that to your res'. If you want to add anything that's claimed to be in those additives, you can simply buy it pure from somewhere else. I would throw those free samples of preservatives out, or take them back to the store.

    No self respecting farmer or agriculturist would ever use any such nonsense products on their crops, so why are cannabis growers so gullible ? We must educate ourselves and share the facts of horticuture; this manufacturer-driven hype is as bad as fake-news!
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    No, it doesn't make benzene. If it did your plants would die and then you would die if you smoked them.

    The waxes will not be taken in by the plants...right? How could they be?

    None of those will hurt anything, just start at 1/4 strength and watch carefully.
    Peter Vakomies

    Peter Vakomies Member

    The issue is that, if they believe what's on the labels of those bottled additives, cannabis growers unknowingly apply carcinogens to their crops.

    The pretty bottles and fancy labels are there for a reason, and it's not for science, horticulture or reporting the truth.

    And the other point; those additives are never going to have the effects that claimed to result from their use. No science was ever done to make those claims - I worked for those manufacturers, and witnessed the "invention" of new products. Carbo Load especially is a "load" of bs... There are no "complex carbohydrates" just xylose, ie table sugar or glucose.

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